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    An interesting duty shift today. I’ve now got a perminant assignment on the Phoenix, a light cruiser. Back in a light cruiser and I’m not in the engineering section! But we have Lt Jr Udae down there doing a cracking job, I do think he has the best seat on the ship. My responsabilities have been more bridge side which is taking a bit to get back into.
    For the start of the shift I was the most senior officer on board, for the first two sims I was captain 🙂 We had Lt Jr Udae down in engineering keeping everything running well. Cdt Hanz assigned to weapons and Cdt Rory Lawley who had to take helm, it was her first time on helm and I was immpressed at how quickly she picked it up for her first time flying. Unfortunatly Cdt Hanz had a broken console which even with mine and several redshirts assistance we didn’t get going for the simulations 🙁 The sims went ok considering the crew shortage and how long it’s been since I’ve had command. The cadet flew the ship well, the Lt Jr kept the ship together and I hadled the weapons etc as best I could.
    Lt Commander Dante Zelrich took command for the mssions the patrol went well apart from a slight mishap wit a mine. The second mission to the rift didn’t go so well, we had sensor issues which left us not very well coordinated with the rest of the fleet I still haven’t found what gremilns were behind that one I’d like to get a good look at the specs for the devices that were used to stabalise the rift though. I’d also like to know how the fighter pilots found the new fighters, it would be nice know that the AI engineer can perform in real combat after all that effort.

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