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    Personal Log Lieutenant Junior Xansta
    Weapons TSN Sabre
    Fourth Light Division, Second Space Fleet, Terran Stellar Navy
    Stardate: 9219-2237


    After suffering from a mild bout of what seemed like Hjordan fever, I was able to return to duty. We’re told that the deployed and captured sensors should help us triangulate our precise location to facilitate the slingshot mini-jump to sector II where the system exit jump point is supposed to be located. I hope we’re able to exit this system and get back to USFP space soon. It’s even starting to wear on our Hjorden allies. Mundy tells us we can’t consume any more of their foodstuffs because they are dwindling so rapidly. Consequently, several officers are experiencing withdrawal symptoms such as headaches and general testiness. Storing the rum in the engine room only exacerbated the situation when it was discovered that the alcohol content had evaporated. We were lucky the rum didn’t explode.

    Fleet Captain Xavier: Commanding Officer
    Lieutenant Commander Mundy: Executive Officer, Communications
    Lieutenant Commander Hall: Helm
    Lieutenant Senior Graybeard: Engineering
    Lieutenant Junior Wilcon: Science
    Lieutenant Junior Xansta: Weapons

    Other ships on the mission: TSN Horizon, TSN Viper, TSN Lancer

    The base was prepared for departure and we got underway. Once we were on mission, we had to deal with lingering Skaraans in the area. The jump technicians said they were ready to try the finely tuned (or at least jury-rigged) slingshot equipment now that the Skaraans had been eliminated. Just in time, too. A flood of Ulikai came pouring in from Coreward. The jump seemed a little awkward. Sure enough, we missed sector II and ended up in sector VI. There were several Ulikai stations we had to negotiate our friendly assets through while fighting off a number of Ulikai fleets. After making a Trailing/Coreward transition to sector II, we spotted the jump gate. Of course, the Ulikai were not going to let us simply waltz over there. We had to fight them off. After we transitioned through, we were unsure of our location. We detoured to a nearby nebula with the friendly assets while the Silmara shut down the gate to prevent Ulikai pursuit.

    For the second portion of the mission during the duty shift, we made our way through various sectors back to known USFP space. The Silmarans were of great assistance in that regard. I’m looking forward to catching up on all the events that have been taking place while we’ve been away

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