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    Personal Log Lieutenant Junior Xansta
    Science, Communications, Shuttle Pilot TSN Lancer
    Fourth Light Division, Second Space Fleet, Terran Stellar Navy
    Stardate: 5119-2237


    We’re still an unknown distance from our home sectors. Fleet Captain Xavier says chief Edwards is working on innovative uses of the resource we have at hand. Lieutenant Commander Nhaima reminded us that TSN Sabre was severely damaged, evacuated and presumed lost. Limited resources preclude salvage recovery operations. Duty Officers will shuffle TSN Sabre crew to other ships. Aramond emphasizes the need for exploration to garner jump points or gates. He suggests Coreward exploration. Hall points out that denabite shortages continue to plague the fleet and that exploration goals include denabite supplies, though the engineers have stabilized some of the adverse effects of degraded denabite. Discovery of refinement tools may also help. Mundy reiterates the need for intercepted alien transmissions to facilitate translator programming. Xavier awarded a distinguished service medal to Lieutenant Junior Starry for his work in stabilizing CIC.

    After a simulation where an ambush captured TSN Lancer, Hall outlined the tactical goals of the mission: determine TSN Sabre status, survey sector 17, assess vulnerability of alien denabite refinery, survey sector 16, seek jump point or jump gate data and divert enemy attention by way of indirect routing through various sectors including sector 24. Crews should provision for dedicated shuttle pilots if possible.

      TSN Lancer crew for this mission

    Fleet Captain Xavier: Captain
    Lieutenant Commander Mundy: Executive Officer, Science
    Lieutenant Junior Reynolds: Weapons
    Lieutenant Junior Xansta: Communications, Shuttle Pilot
    Ensign Avirson: Helm
    Cadet Bawagan: Engineering

    As we got started, Hall pointed out that our heavy ordnance such as nuclear torpedoes and mines were unavailable due to safety concerns related to the degraded denabite. Started in sector 22 and headed Coreward for transition to sector 16. Alien station in B1 flanked by two defensive weapons platforms. TSN Horizon dispatched to D2, TSN Lancer to C4. Ships dropped sensor packages from shuttles while TSN Viper ran interference and distraction operations. Transition Spinward to sector 15. Dropped marines on industrial base. Marine operation was success. Supplies were obtained from base. Transition Rimward/Trailing to return to shipyards. Minimal denabite degradation observed during mission.

    I miss the power of Sabre’s short range beam weapons, but the additional beams on Lancer are nice.

    Hopefully the sensors will give us additional information on alien operations and commerce. The distraction reroute seemed to be effective. For the next portion of the mission, we plan to scout through sectors 24 and 18 looking for denabite, comms traffic related to Sabre, Skaraans and shipyard placement location possibilities. Nukes still not available. Avoid extensive ship damage or ship loss.

    From sector 22, headed Trailing for scouting mission. Before we exited the sector, several Rumarians appeared on the Spinward border. Since their course intersected our shipyard location, we interdicted them destroying all but one which surrendered. Continued transition Trailing to sector 23. Brief contact with alien along Corward border which vanished from sensors shortly thereafter. Transitioned Trailing to sector 24 then Coreward to sector 19. After grabbing transports of opportunity through marine boarding actions, we transitioned Spinward to sector 18. Communications and CIC pointed out that there was a transmission intercepted from station N26 in sector 19 possibly indicating the disposition of TSN Sabre. We can’t have that kind of technology remain in alien hands. Fleet returned Trailing to sector 19. TSN Horizon and TSN Viper conducted engineering and marine drops on station N26 to grab data from the station’s data banks for analysis. While the shuttles were in transit, the fleet distracted other enemies in the area to cover. Returned to shipyards by circuitous route to deter alien analysis of our travel patterns and thus conceal our mobile shipyard location.

    Operations reports no additional Rumarian transmissions. There may still be a picket ship around the gate, so we will keep vigilant. The equipment obtained looks like heavy refining equipment. Analysis of the meta data associated to intercepted messages indicates two sources. Some contain references to humans. The other references are for another race. The linguistics department speculates that the traffic refers to Skaraans in this case. Also, there seems to be a reference to sector 17. Intelligence hopes to glean information about commercial patterns from the mission data as well as the intercepted communications. If we cannot resupply from home and cannot find a ready supply of denabite, we may need to continue grabbing transports for whatever they can supply while we are out here alone.

    For the final simulation, we were tasked with capturing enemy transports – a pertinent skill for our situation. We managed to capture 4 out of 6 transports during the simulation under heavy enemy ship activity.

    Acting Ensign Davis promoted to Ensign

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    Matthew Vaj

    // Well done, as usual. I particularly appreciate the links throughout the log! That’s a useful feature.


    //Thank you. Impressive level of detail!

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