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    Personal Log Lieutenant Junior Xansta
    Engineering TSN Sabre
    Fourth Light Division, Second Space Fleet, Terran Stellar Navy
    Stardate: 271018-2237

    Arcturus sector XIII

    Stellar cartography reference for Arcturus

    At the start of the shift, several awards were presented including a two year service ribbon for Lieutenant Nhaima, Helm on TSN Horizon, an achievement ribbon for Lieutenant Donovan, Science on TSN Viper and several purple hearts for those on TSN Sabre when she was severely damaged by Rumarians: Lieutenant Senior Vimes, Lieutenant Senior Graybeard, Lieutenant Junior Starry, Ensign Raiden and myself.

    Briefing: Pursue fleet conference idea to investigate planet where new signal discovered. Hjorden advanced sensors and cloaking impacted by Arcurus environment – probably nebulae. Assets will stay near planet where emanations likelier to conceal their presence. 4LD fleet will move to Arcturus sector IX to draw the attention of the Rumarians, get supplies or sensor bouys in the area and check on the status of the gate that used to connect us to the Hjorden system. The longer we hold the attention of the Rumarians, the greater the chances of them reaching the planet. Assets will move to Arcturus sector X then on to Arcturus sector VI to study the planet and hopefully remain concealed from Rumarian curiosity.

      Crew for this mission:

    Fleet Captain Xavier, Captain
    Lieutenant Commander Mundy, Science, Communications, Executive Officer
    Lieutenant Junior Reynolds, Helm
    Lieutenant Junior Xansta (me), Engineer
    Cadet Pepor, Weapons

    As planned, the Hjorden and other assets headed for a diagonal transition from sector XIII to sector X while we headed for sector IX. We fought off multiple Rumarian hordes. Fortunately for us, they surrendered readily – their hulls are quite robust. We received an emergency signal from the assets in sector X and we transitioned trailing to render assistance. We chased off the Rumarians just in time. The shipyards were the most vulnerable. Throughout this exercise, our ship systems were continuously under attack from some kind of corrosion. The damage control teams were run ragged all over the ship fixing systems. Other ships reported similar issues. TSN Viper suffered to such an extent that we sent extra engineers over to them to help them get their repairs under control.

    We transitioned Coreward to sector VI and started additional research on the planet in B4. To that end we dropped researchers on the planet using the shuttle (piloted by Cadet Pepor). TSN Horizon rounded up sharks in the area. Eventually we docked in the mobile drydock in orbit around the planet to address the corrosion problem. The various crews gathered to hear the latest from Fleet Captain Xavier. He presented us with a map extracted from ancient systems on the planet below:
    Ancient map
    I thought it was pretty. Someone, I don’t recall for sure, but I think it was Nhaima, Starry or Raiden, suggested that the map be rotated:
    Rotated ancient map
    Whereupon Ensign Raiden suggested that the red portions may correspond to potential jump points in the Arcturus system basaed on the positional correlation of one of the red portions near the jump point through which we arrived.

    In an effort to facilitate jump point research, we took the fleet out to the next most likely sector where, according to the ancient map as we interpreted it, a jump point might be located. We chased off Rumarians, blinding them with EMPs and deployed sensor buoys to gather data. We will analyze the telemetry in hopes of pinpointing a jump point. Assuming we locate a jump point, the real question becomes, “where does the jump point exit?”

    Another officer suggested we investigate other points of interest indicated on the ancient map (Ensign Wilcon, I think). Exploration is good, but I think finding a way home takes priority.

    Despite jocular references to the contrary, Fleet Captain Xavier does not resemble Captain Janeway.

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