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    Personal Log Lieutenant Junior Xansta
    Science, Communications, Commanding Officer TSN Sabre
    Fourth Light Division, Second Space Fleet, Terran Stellar Navy
    Stardate: 241118-2237

    Re-jump to parts unknown

    At the end of last shift we jumped but could not determine where we landed. This shift, after several simulations, we plan to go through the jump potential point again, hopefully with more deterministic results.

      TSN Sabre crew for this mission:

    Lieutenant Junior Xansta: Science, Communications, CO
    Acting Ensign Eaglestallon: Helm
    Cadet Pepor: Weapons
    Lieutenant Senior Graybeard: Engineering

    We jumped, but several groups of Rumarians followed us. We started chasing them down and destroying them. Several times we had to track back to our vulnerable assets and the Hjorden escorts to defend against persistent surprise Rumarian groups. We eventually did manage to destroy all of the Rumarians. We hope no more will come through the jump point, but we are unsure as to their level of sophistication in Jump technology, so we must remain vigilant.

    The sector we landed in has a huge corrosive nebula. We will either need to avoid said nebula or find some way to safely navigate it. We also noticed three singularities in the sector. After we destroyed the Rumarians and we were shutting down systems for the end of the shift, several engineers aboard the mobile shipyard decided to attempt a high speed slingshot maneuver around one of the singularities. Our sensor projections show they were destroyed by the singularity, but we were assured that they were successful.

    Somebody needs to yank those hot dog pilot wannabe engineers into line. We can’t have our mobile shipyard lost on a frivolous joyride.

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