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    Personal log, Lieutenant Junior Xansta
    Weapons TSN Sabre (permanent), Science TSN Horizon
    Fourth Light Division, Second Space Fleet, Terran Stellar Navy
    Stardate: 22918-2237

    Stationed at Arietis Command

    The mission briefing described the sting operation: Research stations RS-48X and RS-82X in Arietis sector III were bait for Skaraans based on our expectation that the Skaraans wanted intelligence on the research being conducted there. We were told that the nearby civilian stations, Mira and Kala could not be evacuated. What was not clear was whether this was because the civilians could not be persuaded to leave or if CIC did not want them to be evacuated. Maybe they were backup forms of Skaraan bait. The briefing also mentioned luxury liners expected to be traveling through the area. Hall coordinated from CIC

    We started at Arietis Command (Arietis sector II), then transitioned trailing (via the 5 line) to Arietis sector III. We took up positions in nebulae in and around C4-D4 …and waited. The luxury liners made an appearance. We saw five in all along with a fat transport and a long range transport. I’ll never know what civilians get from ogling asteroids and nebulae. While waiting, I took over idle sensor pod 27 to examine those luxury liners in detail. After filtering out nebula interference, the high resolution imagery and telemetry revealed some interesting tidbits. One of those luxury liners had a stealth defensive mine laying tube neatly disguised as an exhaust port. Another needed extensive engine maintenance based on the leaking energy signature readings. Some of those luxury liner passengers need to remember to engage the privacy settings on their exterior portals.

    After we directed the luxury liners to change from their 045 course along the “scenic” route between asteroids and nebulae to a course of 180, the Skaraans made their appearance. Turns out they were less interested in the research stations than in the luxury liners and the civilian bases. Fleet command dispatched TSN Lancer to deal with the first two Skaraans amidst the luxury liners in D3. We all (TSN Sabre, TSN Horizon, TSN Viper and TSN Lancer) went after the subsequent Skaraans that de-cloaked in C2 mark 6. One Skaraan pursued the transport and others attacked Mira and Kala.

    With the wreckage, life pods and other cargo spread around the civilian bases, we started recovering via shuttle operations: TSN Sabre and TSN Viper around Mira; TSN Horizon and TSN Lancer around Kala. With our normal shuttle pilot confined to sickbay, I took the shuttle out to retrieve cargo and life pods. I learned that our shuttle operational procedures have changed such that docking with the ship between recoveries is no longer required. That wasn’t communicated to me before I boarded the shuttle, only after I returned to dock the first time. Some of those Skaraans smelled strange even through the sealed life pods.

    I heard Lieutenant Commander Mundy tell the fleet captain that we picked up two sets of cargo and three sets of prisoners. I lost count between piloting and completing post-shuttle pilot record-work. We returned with our “loot” to Arietis Command. Several ship officers were tasked with Skaraan interrogation and investigation. Consequently, the TSN Sabre stayed in port and I served on the TSN Horizon as the science officer in the next deployment with TSN Viper and TSN Lancer.

    CIC received indications of several groups of enemy ships coming into the Atlantis system via the Arietis gate. We were sent out to find them. Our initial efforts failed due to console issues across the fleet. Once we overcame those hurdles, we started with sensor sweeps looking for the reported enemies. Eventually, we pursued two different groups through scramble orders. At one point, we identified what appeared to be a black box, but once the shuttle was launched, it turned out to be a sensor anomaly. Our pursuit took us through Atlantis sectors XVIII and XIX. Our efforts seemed to chase off the Skaraans. As best we can tell, they seemed to be attempting to recover the cargo and prisoners we retrieved earlier. It’s hard to attribute Skaraan motivation, though.

    I’ll be glad to return to my quarters for food, a shower and some rest. Maybe I’ll review those luxury liner sensor logs.

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    Adele Mundy

    //Huzzah! A log that isn’t Mundy’s! Also, Sabre gets more points for having TWO Bridge officers who wrote logs!

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