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    Personal Log Lieutenant Junior Xansta
    Weapons, Science TSN Sabre
    Fourth Light Division, Second Space Fleet, Terran Stellar Navy
    Stardate: 20419-2237


    Fleet Captain Xavier informed us during the briefing that Terry Kelley security head of Garnal Research continues to expect the 4th Light Division to guard the antimatter facility. Further, we need to assure the safe arrival of a delegation of top brass and government officials to the grand opening of the fully operational facility. After coming through from Volantis through the gate in Promethean sector VIII, they plan a stop at M-061 in Promethean sector III to thank personnel integral to the enabling of the facility (read as photo-op). We will escort them to command post 94 in Promethean sector II.

    Fleet Captain Xavier: Commanding Officer
    Lieutenant Commander Mundy: Executive Officer, Communications
    Lieutenant Senior Graybeard: Engineering
    Lieutenant Junior Wilcon: Helm
    Lieutenant Junior Xansta: Weapons
    Cadet Blury: Science

    Other ships on the mission: TSN Horizon, TSN Viper, TSN Lancer

    Once the ships deployed, CIC warned that the diplomatic transport may be pursued through the gate by Hegemony forces bent on disrupting the grand opening ceremony. Indeed, shortly after they arrived, several Hegemony fleets came through. TSN Viper and TSN Lancer were tasked to neutralize them. Several more fleets came through. CIC indicated they were attempting to lock down the gate to prevent further Hegemony pursuit. TSN Sabre and TSN Horizon stayed in close proximity to the transport as it headed for A1 for the transition. After transition to sector III, TSN Viper and TSN Lancer were tasked to scout mining base 061 in C3. Several Hegemony fleets were interdicted as the transport docked with mining base 061.

    After the top brass and others aboard the transport finished pressing the flesh on the station, all headed Spinward for transition. We observed a Kralien energy signature along the Spinward edge (C1). We requested the transport hold position while 4LD scouted Spinward for possible harassing Hegemony forces.

    Once 4LD transitioned to sector II, we found four Hegemony fleets already present. Xavier directed TSN Viper and TSN Lancer to the Alpha line for the enemy fleets there, TSN Horizon to Echo 1 and TSN Sabre to Bravo 4. During the engagement, my weapons console started experiencing technical difficulties. I swapped responsibilities with Cadet Blury for the remainder of the mission at the direction of the CO.

    As 4LD engaged the enemy fleets, CIC informed us that the diplomatic transport would no longer wait and was coming through to command post 94. The division destroyed or chased off the Hegemony forces and the grand opening ceremony was a success. An irresponsible plan by overly enthusiastic junior officers to detonate antimatter for celebratory demonstration purposes during the ceremony was prevented upon discovery.

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