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    Personal Log Lieutenant Junior Xansta
    Weapons TSN Sabre, Command Information Centre
    Fourth Light Division, Second Space Fleet, Terran Stellar Navy
    Stardate: 171118-2237

    Arcturus to parts unknown

    Stellar cartography references: Arcturus and Arcturus Sector VI

    Last duty shift, the Rumarians abducted scientists from our science vessel during a lightning raid in Arcturus sector VI. We need them back to facilitate jump point calculations. To that end, we plan an offensive against Rumarian installations to retrieve them. Security footage of Rumarians in action indicate that their close combat skills generally exceed our own and thus will require sustained marine boarding actions to rescue our scientists. We expect to deploy TSN Sabre, TSN Horizon and TSN Viper.

      TSN Sabre crew for this mission:

    Lieutenant Commander Hall: Captain
    Cadet Pepor: Helm
    Lieutenant Junior Xansta: Weapons
    Lieutenant Senior Graybeard: Engineering, Executive Officer
    Cadet Bubba: Science, Shuttle
    Cadet Felicity Song: Communications
    Cadet Swan: Observer

    We started in Arcturus sector VI where our operations and friendly Hjorden companions orbit the discovered planet (still unnamed). We transitioned Coreward to sector II. We launched probes to various areas to see what we could discover. We discovered Rumarians in several areas. TSN Viper was dispatched to intercept Rumarians in D5. More contacts in D1 and C1. TSN Sabre traversing 3 line, TSN Horizon traversing 1 line. We went to investigate unusual sensor readings emanating from the asteroids near B4. We found Rumarians among several asteroids there. About this time, various Rumarian fleets started to converge on us.

    We started conducting marine drops on the various asteroids. CIC indicated we’d need 9 teams to overcome the Rumarians. After dropping our first load of marines, our shuttle pilot crashed our shuttle into one of the asteroids. Several of our marine teams volunteered to suit up with EVA backpacks and deploy to assist in rescue operations.

    We modified our mission to running interference for the fleet against the Rumarians while the other fleet members continued with marine drop shuttle operations. Once the scientists had been extracted, we conducted marine retrieval operations. CIC authorized the overloading of shuttles to expedite marine retrieval. We took approximately 30% casualties. Cadet Song left her post at communications to assist the medical teams caring for the returning marines.

    With the return of the scientists, we feel we can transition through the jump potentials in sectors XII and XV or sectors III and IV. After some debate and additional sensor reading analysis, the scientists recommended sectors III and IV as the likeliest jump candidates. The division made preparations to return to sector IX, our original jump entry point to recover any remaining jump hardware and to leave a message buoy for anyone from the TSN that comes looking for us of our plans to attempt a jump through some jump point potentials in sectors III and IV. Officers were also encouraged to compose communications for home to be included in the message buoy. While we retrieve leftover jump hardware, the Hjorden assets and our mobile shipyard will head for sectors III and IV to begin preparing for transition.

    4LD transitioned Rimward/Spinward to sector IX as planned. Upon arrival, a shuttle was dispatched to drop the message buoy and retrieve the jump gate remainders. A number of Rumarian fleets arrived along the edge of the border with sector V. 4LD had to fight off these incursions and additional ones that appeared. During this engagement, we received word from the Hjorden and our other assets that they were having difficulty with Rumarians in sector IV.

    4LD transitioned Coreward to sector V whereupon they were immediately accosted by Rumarians. After some confusing communication interchange about exactly where to rendezvous for transition, 4LD transitioned Trailing to sector VI, pursued by Rumarians from sector V. TSN Sabre tried to discourage pursuit by flying through the atmosphere of the planet on the way to A5 for a Coreward/Trailing transition to sector III. 4LD sprinted across for a trailing transition to sector IV.

    Several Rumarian fleets were already engaged with our assets and the Hjorden escorts. 4LD managed to take care of the Rumarians despite continuous harassment. All gathered at the best possible jump location available according to the sensors. The fleet and the assets jumped, but were unable to determine exactly where the jump took the fleet. Contact with CIC was lost and efforts are being made to re-establish contact.

    The fleet convened on the virtual mess hall for the end of the shift. Hopefully by next shift we will have some additional information on where we landed.

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