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    Personal Log Lieutenant Junior Xansta
    Weapons, Science, Communications, Acting Commanding Officer TSN Sabre
    Fourth Light Division, Second Space Fleet, Terran Stellar Navy
    Stardate: 131018-2237

    Arcturus sector I, Outpost 91

    stellar cartography reference

    The Hjordens asked the Fourth Light Division to relieve their military contingent escorting science and other non-combat vessels as they explore Arcturus. I heard moderate hue and cry from certain officers over another “escort” mission. Most of us anticipated the conquest …uh… exploration of new territory. Lieutenant Commander Mundy, after the first simulation confined herself to sickbay showing symptoms of dizziness and lack of visual acuity. Lieutenant Senior Graybeard reminded me that as the most senior officer present permanently assigned to TSN Sabre, the duty of command fell to me. I appreciate the support of Lieutenant Senior Graybeard and Lieutenant Senior Vimes over the course of the duty shift. Despite my inclination to defer to their seniority, they insisted that I take command. Lieutenant Junior Starry and Ensign Raiden rounded out our crew for this shift. Also, congratulations to Lieutenant Junior Starry on receiving his well deserved Special Services Ribbon.

    Once we caught up to the Hjordens, their mechanical issues clearly prohibited them from further effective escort activity. They retired and we started rounding up sharks and other biological creatures in the area primarily through the use of beacons. Then new contacts appeared, ones we had not seen before. The system identified them as “Rumarian.” Since they approached the civilian vessels, we confronted them. They did not listen, but surrendered readily enough once we shot down their shields a bit. TSN Horizon conducted research and scanning on an uncatalogued planet. Ensign Agoom reported remnants of possible life forms based on million year old artifacts and other evidence. The planet is uninhabitable by typical humanoids now due to the scarcity of atmosphere. While we were in the area, some garbled communications came through that seemed to indicate the Rumarians wanted us to follow. After a break at Outpost 91, we went to the coordinates we deciphered from the messages.

    Once we arrived, garbled communications continued. We detected a box of some kind and TSN Horizon retrieved it. Lo and behold, it started spouting communications from the Rumarians. Less garbled to be sure, but still not entirely coherent. We took their meaning as a firm dismissal from the area and returned to Outpost 91. Unfortunately, the Rumarians apparently took that as an invitation to join us in Arcturus sector I, which they did… in force. After repeated warning, we started trying to deter them from getting any closer to Outpost 91 the same way we did earlier.

    We failed.

    Several factors contributed to the debacle that followed. There were more Rumarians in the deployed groups. The Rumarian vessels were sturdier in construction and defensive capabilities. We positioned ourselves poorly for the engagement. We were slow to recognize the danger and slow to call for help. Talking with the officers afterwards, it seems the Rumarians may have specialized weaponry designed to adversely affect engine components. Also, our helmsman reported a stuck rudder, vernacular, I think, for console control issues. I take responsibility for the slow response to the developing situation. For these reasons, the extensive damage to TSN Sabre forced us to take to the life pods for rescue by TSN Viper and TSN Horizon.

    We spent the next few hours confined to the life pods and then sick bay on Outpost 91. Lieutenant Commander Mundy was glad to see us mostly in one piece, but I suspect she was even happier not to have been aboard TSN Sabre for the “adventure.” Lieutenant Senior Graybeard suffered corneal damage from all the bright engineering warning indicators on his console. Lieutenant Junior Starry suffered a head injury. The nursing staff treated us with intravenous mimosa extract. The doctor gave us a flurry of other treatments and cleared us out of sick bay to return to duty for the mission debrief. The doctor warned us to stay away from oats. I question the efficacy of our Outpost 91 medical staff.

    Over the course of this shift, the simulations and the missions, I switched from Weapons to Weapons/CO to SciCom/CO to CO. Ensign Raiden worked the Helm console and the Weapons console. Lieutenant Senior Vimes worked SciCom, Weapons and Helm. Lieutenant Senior Graybeard was our Engineer. When Lieutanant Junior Starry joined us on the three ship mission, he served as SciCom officer. I plan to recommend them all for purple hearts.


    // really enjoyable log. I loved the bit in MedBay.

    Brilliant use of links to ref cartography and officer profile. Note that cartography will now be updated with new sectors and references may change.

    Thanks for giving a real view from a bridge of what went on and how the Rumarians and the planet came across.


    Ensign Raiden supplemental log
    Acting Helmsman TSN Sabre
    Fourth Light Division, Second Space Fleet, Terran Stellar Navy
    Stardate: 131018-2341

    And I was so proud of us for handling the mission so well!

    All my maneuvers felt spot-on that day, the ship purred like a persian cat under my fingers, almost like anticipating my every intention before I touched the console. (Lt.Sr. Graybeard surely knows how to run a fine ship!)

    And then my overconfidence got the best of me. Last thing I remember is turning in into the swarm of Rumarians for a combat sweep. Was it Delta 1? Must have been a delta 1 but I don’t recall exactly. And then I woke up in the cargo hold of TSN Horizon in a lifepod.

    God that doctor on Outpost 91 sure was creepy, but hey I ain’t one to say no to a Mimosa treatment style. Just next time I prefer to have one in the officer galley and not in the sickbay.

    Ah well, I’m now scheduled for a batch of simulations as retraining. Don’t think I will be in a combat duty any time soon. Or?

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