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    Personal Log Lieutenant Junior Xansta
    Weapons TSN Sabre, Command Information Center
    Fourth Light Division, Second Space Fleet, Terran Stellar Navy
    Stardate: 11218-2237


    At the start of the shift, Command awarded Lieutenant Senior Quinn the Naval Cross for leading the fleet to recover senior officers detained by the ISN. Lieutenant Commander Donovan approved Lieutenant Junior Reynolds’ transfer to TSN Lancer. Ensign Wilcon’s request to transfer specialty to helm and engineering was approved.

    The simulated mission was a failure. The virtual Volantis Command was destroyed.

    For the mission briefing, several officers reported. Lieutenant Commander Mundy, after reconstructing her notes from a space monster that had consumed them, indicated that we’ve entered a large system with jump points present. She also confirmed the presence of a new alien species. The initial translation/transliteration names this system Eyukua. Stellar cartography continues to conduct research. Lieutenant Commander Nhaima gave her tactical recommendation of establishing a forward base and rotating operational duties between ships of the fleet. Lieutenant Commander Vaj pointed out our need for resupply for ordnance and energy and our lack of logistical support in our current isolated condition. He also gave a status report on the ongoing repairs to the science vessel damaged in Arcturus sector VI which, once repaired will greatly facilitate stellar cartography research and the search for denabite crystals. Fleet Captain Xavier concluded the briefing with a recap of our logistic situation from Lieutenant Ironclad and by stating our goals of scouting for resources. We plan to transition Trailing since Coreward is blocked by the corrosive nebulae and Spinward and Rimward are empty interstellar space.

      TSN Sabre crew for this mission:

    Fleet Captain Xavier: Captain
    Lieutenant Commander Mundy: Science, Communications, Executive Officer
    Lieutenant Ironclad: Helm
    Lieutenant Junior Xansta: Weapons
    Lieutenant Senior Graybeard: Engineering

    As we headed across the sector to the Trailing edge, we encountered a group of Rumarians coming through the gate which we promptly dispatched. I wonder how much longer we will be dealing with these Rumarians? We also saw Piranhas near the corrosive nebulae. We transitioned Trailing and noticed more Piranhas. We also saw whales and sharks near TSN Horizon. Sensors picked up new alien ship types in B4. The system categorized them as Free Freighter, Free Definat Cruiser and Free Defiance Cruiser. The fleet broadcast to the new aliens that we have no hostile intent, but to stay away from the Fourth Light Division force. The Piranhas seemed to be attacking the newly discovered aliens and they disappeared from our sensors shortly. They were likely overwhelmed by the Piranhas.

    CIC identified some asteroids in E4 and put waypoints there to indicate where we should conduct deeper scans. TSN Viper left a shark-attracting beacon near B4 after noticing sharks in the area. TSN Sabre left a shark attracting beacon in D4 to facilitate sensor buoy deployment by TSN Horizon.

    Once CIC confirmed reception of telemetry from sensor buoy, all ships recovered their beacons and rendezvoused in D1 for a return transition. While waiting we observed Piranhas chasing whales across D5.

    Subsequent sensor record analysis indicates the new alien ship types strongly resemble Kraliens. Where did these Kraliens come from? They are an awfully long way from home (just like we are)

    For the second mission on shift, we plan to do more scouting looking for denabite crystals and a good location for a forward base of operations.

    4LD encountered more Rumarians coming through the Arcturus gate. Then after transitioning Trailing again, did more detailed research on the asteroids in the sector in the Trailing direction. Asteroids were identified near where the aliens were encountered. Detailed scans via shuttle missions were conducted in both asteroid areas (B4 and E4). More of the aliens showed up from the Coreward direction which 4LD dispatched. They showed no sign of wanting to communicate.

    A brief stopover for hull cleaning of TSN Viper and TSN Horizon due to close approach to corrosive nebula occurred near the trailing edge of the sector. TSN Horizon had conducted an external cleaning earlier, but it did not seem to get fully corrected.

    The fleet transitioned Trailing again to scout the next sector. A section of asteroids near the center of the sector was investigated. More Kralien-like aliens entered from Coreward and the fleet had to conduct research under fire. 4LD received communication from the mobile shipyards that unknown aliens had entered the sector and might be menacing them soon. 4LD transitioned Spinward, crossed the sector and transitioned Spinward again to get back to the mobile shipyard. Several of the new Kralien-like ships were getting close to the mobile shipyards. 4LD dispatched them and then docked with the shipyards and the mission was complete for the duty shift.

    Analysis of the sensor data recovered indicate the possible presence of denabite in the adjacent sector (Trailing). Further, the asteroids in B4 may be a good place for the forward base due to their sensor scattering characteristics.

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