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    Personal Log, Cmdr. Rhylo Verok, TSN Hydra, 2nd Flt 4th LD
    Stardate 13216-2237

    Between the various missions and simulations, logistics issues, and recent security concerns aboard the Hydra, I’m somewhat relieved to actually have a few minutes to record a personal log, of which I’ve been neglecting for quite some time.

    I’m finding that lately I’m feeling a sense of chaos aboard the Hydra and within the fleet that really keeps me awake at night. Between my XO being arrested for a situation he was eventually found not guilty for, the recent mess with the nanite-infected lifepods we retrieved, and my colleague and close friend Cmdr. Expree having a mental breakdown due to a telepathic attack, it seems as if the security I felt being an officer in the TSN is wavering. But, all I can do is rely on my instincts and my fellow officers to get through what seems like one crisis after another.

    On a more positive note, I am extremely happy with the way the new crew of the Hydra is shaping up. Since the recent assignment of officers has established a full crew for the Hydra again, we have really began to establish an excellent working relationship and superb communications during the last few missions. I’m also making an effort to better utilize my new XO. After being called away for a brief period of time during the last duty shift, it was a relief to be able to hand over command to a very experienced officer that I could trust to ensure the safety of the Hydra during a mission. I will confess that I am probably not utilizing my XO to his full capabilities right now, and this is something that I need to learn to work into my routine. This new crew and the chemistry that I hope is well on it’s way to being developed, really gives me faith that the crew of the Hydra will be able to weather the chaos that seems to have inundated the TSN of late.

    During the last duty shift, we primarily spent the first few simulations running a full shakedown of the recent major systems update. I have to say, even though there were some faults in our comm net connections and some minor bugs in the communications protocols, the new systems are quite impressive. The responsiveness of the tactical maps and updates to the general look of the interface should really pay off in the future.

    I’m also quite excited to finally see some hard work I was involved with pay off with the implementation of our new P-Shock torpedoes. During our first 2 simulations on the last duty shift, I tried to use them on several occasions, some with success. TSN’s tactical division will definitely need to work on some new battle strategy to get these very powerful weapons implemented into our regular attack patterns. I see the Hydra being an excellent candidate for implementation of these torpedoes especially.

    I’m especially curious to see how the implementation of the new TSN fighter craft will turn out. I’m really hoping that some of the larger TSN ships will able to be retro-fitted to hold at least a couple of fighters for special missions and general defense.

    On a side-note, I’m quite happy to see several new faces lately in the fleet. The new cadets that have recently joined seem to be fitting in quite well. The Hydra has had the good fortune to recently have Cdt. Blaze serve as a weapons officer for the last 2 duty shifts, and I have to say, he’s working out extremely well. One of the crew even mentioned during a recent duty shift that the cadet’s questions about various tactics has really triggered some interesting conversations aboard the Hydra, and in some ways, is a refreshing exercise that helps us all remember some of the core skills we learned so long ago that are now a part of our routines. I look forward to seeing how the new cadet’s tour of duty progresses.

    [End log]

    Blaze Strife

    I have had good fortune to be able to learn from such fine officers.

    I do hope to learn so much more in the future.

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