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    John van Leigh

    Personal log
    Lieutenant Commander John van Leigh, TSN.
    Stardate 210516-2237

    Talk about uneventful.

    Being back is good and all that stuff, but I hate this feeling of being stuck on a station. I’m a combat officer! I can fly a ship just fine, so get me in one! But no. Sims ran just fine, no issues whatsoever. Of course, that’s other than flying with a Dauntless that has a very weird setup. Basically, we’re using a carrier that is working more as a missile cruiser, courtesy of some mayhem goin on on Feil’s flight deck. At this point I think he’s suffering from it a hell of a lot more than I am.

    Garion, as part of his training to join ONI, wrote a different training sim that is supposed to get progressively harder. The result was a dull, endless progression of getting there, firing all our magazines can carry, then getting back. I suppose it could apply somewhere.

    And, at last, real space. Not a computer’s approximation of combat, but really being out there. I was asked to take Raven, a ship I never flew before. The crew I was assigned was one of the finnest group I could ask for (a cadet who actually understood his job, then Greybeard, Mundy and Aramond), so it was an enjoyable experience. Just a patrol, making a battlecruiser’s main battery a severe case of overkill, which works just fine with me.

    That said, I have to check what the hell is going on with the ship we captured. The damned thing, a transport, had a jump drive that was barely functional. Of course it was us that were given the job of babysitting them, and of course it wasn’t working properly. Hope it doesn’t go wrong.


    // As cool as it would have been to have him aboard, Greybeard wasn’t on the raven this time around. Instead, we had Act. Ensign Max Power, and Cadet Timonix.

    John van Leigh

    //…shit. I mixed up the crew of Dauntless with Raven. Would some admin be kind enough to edit, please?

    Adele Mundy

    //After the shift, someone in the Galley, I now forget who, suggested Garion’s sim was probably a psych-eval exercise. That would explain much, and I’m going to go with that explanation in my log.

    Blaze Strife

    //Psyh-eval exercise would explain it, yes.

    //Van Leigh, I must admit it’s weird to read your log and “us” in it, and know it’s not refering to the ship I’m on. 😛

    John van Leigh

    //It’s weird for me to be jumping around so much. I wanted to take the battlecruiser for a ride at least once (my favorite ship is the battleship, but I spent a year in command of a light cruiser for the USN; the Raven looked like a nice middle point). I like the Hunter a lot, as well, and the chance to take a command of my own is always welcome. But my permanent assignment is Dauntless, the ship with the most issues with the number of people, which makes a very relative thing out of “permanent”.

    //But yeah, Garion’s sim was a fun challenge, although I feel was more of a test for my nerves that our tactics.


    //Nerves, ability to cope under prolonged pressure – too damn long 😉

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