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    John van Leigh

    Personal log, Lt-Commander John van Leigh
    Stardate 070516-2237

    Again this damned disease. Today my fainting was less usual but it happened at the worse times, compounded with periods in which my brain decided to do half its usual work and, while staring at the system map, nobody could be sure whether I was awake or not.

    After spending all night trying to make sense of a weird mixture of Ximni, Terran and Hjorden system maps (plus one or two Unakalhai ones I had on systems, but that’s another story) I took a nap, then dressed and went to conduct a briefing on some new comms protocols that were supposed to make IFF faster. If not for Aramond, it would have been impossible to finish, as I was drifting back and forth from consciousness.

    Those maps. Commander del Pino left a lot of weird things in his office, some of which Intelligence prefered not to take. Some books, including a three hundred years-old copy of Thus Spoke Zarathustra that I suspect was restored by him; old maps, most of them on paper (including the Unakalhai ones), a monocular optical microscope with a set of slides compiled by some distant relative, a really old knife… Nothing on his office was new, except his personal terminal: a last generation computer.

    With the beginning of this duty shift my ship was assigned a familiar face: Feil, now a proper Ensign was approved his transfer request. As the new systems were being installed on the Dauntless and Verok remained on Earth, I took Hunter with some of my bridge officers. Blaze served as my XO, and did an amazing job compensating for the parts of my brain which I suspect are missing; especially coordinating with the exceedingly able but short tempered Feil. We were given a high number of cadets at first, which proved difficult to handle during our first sim. After running some quick changes to our crew composition, courtesy of Jemel’s Montgomery and our new DO, Lieutenant-junior Morlock, Hunter was already giving her best game.

    Our live-fire exercise was done admirably, and we departed on a mission to capture some stations guarded by the Unakalhai. I have no idea how Intelligence heard about a hidden gate, but they did, even though breaking through it is proving quite difficult, despite the fact that we managed to get a sensor image of what lies ahead. I suspect our division will be spending a long time here.

    It’s difficult some times. Three TSN patrol boats were sunk with all hands lost on a manouver. We just couldn’t coordinate properly. Our systems are all over the place with their technical failures, and we’re all paranoid about letting any Hjorden maintainance engineers running around. I fainted after giving a Terran-Ximni scientific vessel an order to heave to for a boarding party. I don’t know what Blaze did then, but when we were exiting the sector that ship remained spaceworthy. And worst of all: a destroyer squadron tried to engage us rather than defend the system from Skaaran units. Hell, I didn’t even steal the Battleship I was wanting to.

    At this point, I really want to know who’s responsible.

    Adele Mundy

    This is getting serious. We need a Chief Medical Officer.

    Blaze Strife

    //I just hope the disease is not contagiuous. 😛

    //And thanks, for the praise, sir!

    John van Leigh

    Indeed! The other day I fainted while having soup for dinner. That wasn’t a pretty scene.

    //At this point I’d be happy to find a workaround. But you did keep the ship together, and that’s better than a lot of people can manage. Especially so when you’re an ensign.

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