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    False Trueman

    Today was definitely stressful. We were dragged out of a simulated perilous situation into a real perilous situation. And yet, it was still incredibly boring. An escort mission, nonetheless.

    He sips some sort of drink, presumably sparkling water as a faint fizzing sound is heard.

    There was lots of fighting, sure, and I beat the pants off about 730 people, but…

    He shakes his head.

    I feel like, if we were thrust into that situation again, I wouldn’t care for it. Even if now I think I’m well suited to the Weapons Officer role, I… don’t feel it would be worth it to spend one and a half hours moving a ship that seems to be able to defend itself from almost everything.

    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    Blaze Strife

    //Some missions are more boring than others, I agree. But I do believe there is still value to be found even in those boring ones. If the mission is easy, you can focus on roleplay or talk to your fellow officers. Maybe even make up a situation, if you think that would be fun for everyone.


    //I have to say that the crew of Lancer entertained ourselves whilst on the missions from yesterday’s shift.

    It’s the nature of what we do as the TSN that not everything will be gung-ho, and in some respects that’s a great thing.

    I wonder if the officer group at large is aware of the bigger picture of what we’re doing in the Expanse? If they realise that there has been a (gasp) storyline that has been developed!

    Adele Mundy

    //Perhaps it would be helpful to hit the officer group more obviously over the head with the storyline. Especially if some people have missed a shift or two, it’s easy to lose track of the arc.


    //that’s really rather a good idea.


    // I remember as a very junior officer often not getting the story arc in progress. I think that ONI and the senior officers sometimes do not realize that what they know does not filter out. The exposition in the briefings is good but brief. I have frequently blinked and missed key plot points. I will gladly make an effort to discuss unclassified Intel online and in forums.

    This is one reason for the RP logs. They really help reinforce the storyline and its everyday impact on the officers. BUt not everyone reads the forums.

    I am still learning the GM console ropes and felt I did not get enough time to do the CIC communications that would have explained what was going on with the engagement before the N’tani convoy turned up. Therefore I wrote up a log recovered from an enemy blackbox. Enjoy Yogozuthna.


    Of course, the audio logs that are distributed religiously are another great way to keep in touch with what’s been going on.

    Maybe we need some form of post-action report that briefly summarises what we’ve achieved and why, and what we’ve learnt?

    Matthew Vaj

    // It might be useful for written briefs and debriefs by command officers(s) or ONI to be accessible for all officers.


    //that could be a possibility. We don’t actuall have briefs that we read from. The intel officers discuss what they’ll do and then share with the senior officers. We usually quiz them a little and I will often clear up a couple of key details with fish beforehand. Then we’ll give a mission brief or opening brief. Sometimes I have notes, but nothing I read off really.

    If I have time, I’ll try to get into a routine of typing them up. Hall has also been giving me an intel report that could be shared, but it was a trial to see how they came out. If he is happy to continue I could publish these, making things more interesting by redacting statements.

    Charles Beaumont

    //would it be worth recording the shift briefings as well as the mission comms to help with this? Either for release or later transcripts?


    // Put the mission brief in the duty-shift email.


    // that won’t work because ONI meet an hour before shift start, unless the e-mail goes out super late.

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