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    Personal log
    Ensign Timonix, TSN.
    Stardate 14816-2237

    I was assigned to the Lancers weapons systems along with Lt Aposine, Lt Greybeard, Ens braddock and our captain Jemel Eahain.

    After the rumors going around that it is a helpless ship unable to do much with an exception for scouting, but with the cutthroat flying of Ensign Braddock and by focusing the enemies weapons system, to compensate for the abysmal shields, it was possible to dish out a lot of firepower in a short period of time.

    After some light simulations, we were deployed to defend the first engineering division. The FARP station was under construction, a forward operating post
    to finally push back the Hegemony forces. As expected a Hegemony force moved in to halt and retake the area as well as stray pirates wishing to take advantage of the

    After successfully fending of Hegemony forces the extra coffee on the resupply ship TSAF Asminov seems to have paid off since we got an extra 8 homing torpedos and a nuke not normally onboard the lancer. The torpedo storage was cramped indeed,
    to the point where we were attaching the torpedoes to the outside sending Damcon to arm them manually

    As we moved in to remove the pirate base in near area our extra ordinance detached from the hull and we were forced to use our ordinary set of EMP’s and P-shocks.
    I blame the Damcon for not attaching it properly. But you cannot have everything I suppose. As for the base itself, the operation went so smooth we barely noticed it was completed.

    It is indeed a surprising ship and I will bring my new found experience to future assignments.

    As a part of a crew shuffle I was once again reassigned temporarily, this time to the phoenix, with a much smaller crew but no less capable crew. Our captain was the newly promoted commander van leigh with me on Engineering, Lt Greybeard taking care of tactical and Lieutenant Commander Aramond on the helm.

    a rough start ended in out ship taking heavy damage, but after repairs were done the simulation mission set a new time record at a mere 11 minutes. The Pheonix experience was much close to the Viper, however with even weaker shields and less hull to absorb the damage it was a more challenging ship.

    Blaze Strife

    //Nice to see more people writing logs and keeping those of us who can’t join you in loop. Thw WiFi here is horrible. The shift sounds like it was quite interesting. 🙂


    Who is talking smack about the Lancer. I will fight them.


    // and I will be at Morlock’s side! Ha! Just because Lancer is a rapier rather than a claymore.

    Also thanks from someone else who cannot be on the shift. We don’t even have wifi. The best we get is three bars cellular. But it was just enough to connect and listen in to the start of the shift hoping for the awards ceremony yesterday.

    Adele Mundy

    //I second the approval for more logs!

    //And I’m sure Matsiyan is fully supportive of helping any ship get extra coffee supplies. Well done!

    //And yes, Morlock has the right attitude: each ship’s crew really ought to be unreasonably and unashamedly biased in her favour, on the principle of “she’s my ship, so of course she’s the best ship in the fleet!” See Scotty’s reaction to criticism of Enterprise in “The Trouble With Tribbles”…

    //Also, so sad to miss the awards ceremony 😢. Somebody please post a list of who got what!


    // I took notes during the ceremony, but there’s apparently talk of doing some sort of repeat next shift (attendance was low and many officers who scored big were absent) so I should probably not post them without permission.


    // Fair enough. A repeat would be great. Everybody deserves a chance for their awards to be known to as many as possible. That’s why it is called recognition 🙂


    // i was so pissed i missed it… i volunteer at a local radio station and the computer that plays all of the syndicated and recorded shows just shut down, so i was doing emergency surgery all afternoon D:

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