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    Felicity Song

    Personal Log, Cdt. Felicity Song, TSN Sabre, 2nd Space Fleet, 4th Lt. Div.
    Stardate: 15918-2237

    Yes, well, I haven’t been very good at keeping logs. We went after Kraliens, the usual stuff. Not like switching universes, or anything. And I’ve been worried about Harriet, because she’s off active duty, and it’s driving her up the wall, what with the inaction and the not knowing. I know she’s been in the gym a lot, and the range. I hear she’s composed a new haka, and has been practicing it. It’s quite impressive, actually.

    But Lt.Cmdr. Mundy is off the ship again, something about Hjorden diplomacy, so after our sim this shift I was posted on the bridge, and I’m under orders to report to her, so I took notes. And the report is done, and all proper and stuff, so I might as well enter it here, too.

    That thing about Aurora, and Prof. McLinley: the boffins retrieved the logs from one of the TSN wrecks we found, and it looked like Aurora wasn’t destroyed in that attack. It must have been badly damaged, because the Black Box was knocked about, and we know what it takes to do that. Anyway, according to the tech wizards, the box was deliberately set up not to transmit until it passively detected a TSN signal. Plus, the timestamp on its launch was at least an hour after the attack took place. So we’re guessing that the attackers, whoever they were, took Aurora and dragged her off somewhere; but somebody on board was able to sneak the Black Box out, in the hope a TSN ship would find it.

    The loss of Aurora, or really, the loss of Prof. McLinley, has the USFP all on edge, there’s patrols going on with no breaks, and all research bases are being watched like, I don’t know, like Space Whales about to give birth in Torgoth space. I don’t know what they’re expecting, but there are patrols hovering around all our research teams. And that means that Command can’t spare ships to go searching for Aurora, despite the fact that Prof. McLinley is some kind of Jump Gate hotshot. So they sent us.

    Since Command lost comms contact with Aurora and her escorts when they jumped through WP89, the plan was to go there to try and trace her. Since there was no trace of her near the other Gates in the System, the hypothesis was that there was another, so far unidentified jump poin, and that whoever took her, dragged her through that.

    We set out with Sabre (Lt. Ironclad in Command, Lt. Sr. Graybeard XO and Engineering, Lt. Jr. Xansta Helm, Ens. Raiden Weapons: I was on SciComms), Horizon (Cmdr. Aramond in Command), and Viper (Cmdr. Matsiyan in Command). We were dispatched to Danae Sector 9, with the aim of capturing a Hegemony ship that was being accompanied by other Hegemony forces. We were told that agents on that ship would disable her systems, and we should have shuttles on stand by. We went to silent running, and took positions in hiding among the asteroid fields in sector D4. Once the enemy ships approached, we waited to identify the transport ship as it halted, then the shuttles launched, and our marines took the ship while we kept the attention of the surrounding enemy groups. Then, once the Marines had finished their job, we escorted the captured ship Rimward.

    How that mission connects up with Aurora, I’m not sure. The next one did. With information from Aurora’s telemetry, and Cmdr. Matsiyan in Fleet Command, we set out from Arietis System to track the Skaraans from WP89. Oh, yes, it was Skaraans. I mean, they’ll work for anyone who pays enough, so it wasn’t that much of a clue about Aurora’s fate. But when we found a Skaraan Defiler attacking a USFP cargo ship, we took the opportunity to attack them, make them surrender, and send Marines to ask questions. And the Marines are so good at asking questions.

    With Skaraan prisnoners aboard and their ship destroyed, we transited Coreward, and found a new Gate in sector D3 – a new Gate, to an unknown system. I think it was the Skaraans who called it Holtair. We lost contact with Command as we went through the Gate, so we were ordered to conserve munitions. But, you know, we’ve seen worse. It was just a new System, not a whole new universe.

    We went to silent running and hiding in nebulas, searching for the enemy’s emission trail. Lo and behold, four stations, at least one identifying as Kralien. We watched from hiding, as small Kralien fleets moved to and from stations, and a cloaked Skaraan Defiler moved Coreward. We went looking, still on silent running, for a Skaraan base, possibly cloaked. We transited Coreward once more.

    There were Skaraan bases, and Skaraan ships to defend them, as we evaded and distracted them – but they, in turn, kept us busy as a Command ship headed away to the Trailing sector edge.

    Again, we delivered Marines onto a station to recover Prof. McLinley, but he wasn’t aboard, and we had to recover our teams and leave before enemy fleets too large for us to cope with, given our limited ordnance, arrived to re-take the station. So we retreated through the Gate, and were greeted by an irate Fleet Captain who demanded to know what the hell happened. Really, you’d think after our universe-hopping shenanigans, he’d understand that sometimes comms just cut out…

    Our prisoners were sent to ONI for questioning about McLinley’s whereabouts, and then we got the lecture about how the TSN couldn’t spare the resources to send ships to look for him, other than us. Because Reasons, I expect. Because the Security of Research Stations. Because the Immemorial Custom of the Service, or something. The upshot of it all being, that we have to go and get McLinley back (hallo, we had been trying to do that, you know?) because of his knowledge about Gate Stuff (™). And if we couldn’t get him back, we were not to leave him in enemy hands, again because of his knowledge about Gate Stuff(™).

    Back to Holtair System we went, with even more of a sense of urgency, because the Senior Officers suspected large Kralien forces could be on their way. The Fleet Captain was in command this time, so he couldn’t complain about the Division disappearing. (I just took Comms, because we had Lt. Donovan on Science; Lt. Jafar took Helm, Lt. Sr. Graybeard Engineering, Ens. Raiden Weapons).

    There was more silent running and hiding in nebulas once we entered Holtair, and we went looking for a command base, until we got some transmissions that led us to think we’d finally found the right one. We delivered our Marines and held the enemies off while Maj. Johnson (do not get on the wrong side of Maj. Johnson) and her people fought their way to some Terran prisoners, got them out, and requested (well, demanded in no uncertain terms, actually) extraction.

    We fought our way back out to the Gate, fending off pursuit until we were back out in WP89.

    And after all that, yes, we did get Prof. McLinley back. Just in time, really. The Kraliens were about to move him deeper into their sectors of space, because it seems their senior commanders wanted to take advantage of his knowledge of Gate Stuff (™).

    Now that The Brass know about the Holtair Gate, of course they’ve found the ships and resources to defend and patrol the area. They might even want to close the gate, to prevent a Kralien invasion. And they’re taking Prof. McLinley to Atlantis Command, for debriefing and discussion on Gate Stuff (™). Meanwhile, we’re to deploy sensor buoys, to aid with surveillance.

    And Cmdr. Aramond is going on about Ensign exams again. I hate exams. I think Harriet should take the Ensign exam, revision would keep her mind off things, and then if she has to face a Court Martial, they could just demote her back to Cadet again instead of throwing her out. Only I don’t think she’s going to like my suggestion.

    [end log]

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