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    Cadet (currently) Roy Personal Log

    [Start log entry]
    Okay so, heh, here we go I guess this is my first personal log, everyone’s been telling me I need to do this that it helps and that I’ll never know who might want to read this one day. To be honest I’m pretty nervous, even though I’m just staring at some screen talking to my self like a psychopath.

    Anyways, umm, hi I guess, my name is Roy, and I’m currently a cadet in the Terran Stellar Navy, but hopefully that’ll change in during the duty shift today. You see, I took my ensign exam last week and apparently I passed. The commander said he was going to recommend me to be promoted to acting ensign. Finally I can earn my commission and become a real bridge officer. Its almost unreal, to think I spent my entire life devoted to the idea of being an officer in this navy. Even though I’ve gone on missions, manned all the stations I feel like I’m just getting started.
    The last shift really tested me, I learned I had to focus on my work, Helm is definitely something I should get better at… maybe I’ll run a few simulations….
    At any rate I’m glad to be here, maybe one day I’ll have a command of my own like I’ve always wanted, bah, enough daydreaming….
    Oh crap look at the time! I gotta get ready for the shift!
    Computer, save as personal log.
    Huh, that wasn’t so bad.
    Computer, end log.
    [Log ends]

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    Yes! Well done! At last I get to read about someone else’s suffering experience. Welcome aboard!


    Haha Thank’s I’ve been wanting to actually do one of these for awhile just never knew where to start but now that I’m started I gotta keep going /OOC

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    Great log, and congratulations on the pass!

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