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    Lewis Remmick

    Personal Log, Cadet Lewis Remmick
    Stardate: 31215-2237

    I know it’s been a few days since the duty shift, but with all the coursework, I just couldn’t find the time to record this.

    I. Crewed. An. Actual. TSN. Vessel!

    Even this many days after, I’m still kinda giddy about it. I mean you see the vids, and they talk about everything in classes, and you do sims, but it’s not the same. Even the sims with classmates are different than this. I got to work with an actual crew!

    I was aboard the Hydra, which was super great. We did a sim, first, which I suppose makes sense. I mean, what if I was absolutely useless at my job? Which was scicom, by the way. The details are all getting fuzzy for me, but I distinctly remember NOT hollering at the top of my lungs at finally getting to work with a full crew. I’m calling that a victory.

    Then we went on a REAL mission. Again, I was sci-com, and by this point, I’d figured out my console enough to demand surrender instead of trying to taunt all enemies, so that was great. We were carrying repair parts to get a gate back up and running, if I understood the briefing (although it’s entirely possible that I did not). Somehow, I managed not to publicly embarrass myself or cause an interstellar incident. More wins for me.

    We nearly completed the mission when I noticed an unidentified vessel entered our sector. I scanned it. It was big. I’ll admit, I’m not up on all the current alien tech, since much of that is classified, but given what I heard in the bridge, and in the briefing, nobody else had seen one before, either. It was classified as a Xenophobe class, and it was HUGE! After a lengthy battle between that one vessel and all three of our ships (including a nerve-wracking moment where we thought the Hawk had gone down), we succeeded in defeating it.

    This will be GREAT for my paper on xeno-tech that I’m working on for my final paper at the academy. What are the odds, a xeno-specialist getting to discover a new type of alien ship?

    And I think they might let me on again. I mean, I didn’t cause anyone to die, not even indirectly. Well, except for enemies. I indirectly cause their deaths by… looking at them with a computer. And I suppose I saved some enemy lives by obtaining their surrenders. This doesn’t sound as impressive when you explain it like this. All in all, this was a perfect first experience.

    Oh, and then we did another simulation.

    Cadet Remmick, Xeno-specialist, Xeno-tech/linguistics/biology, out.

    End log.

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