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    Lewis Remmick

    Personal Log, Ensign Lewis Remmick, TSN Phoenix, 2nd Fleet, 4th LD
    Stardate: 23116-2237
    That’s right computer, there are some changes to my log-in! First, my days of only acting like an ensign are over. I’m supposed to do it for real, now. Mixed feelings about that. I’ll talk about that later. In many ways, I’m more excited about the second part. The TSN Phoenix part. I have a crew. For the first time in what seems way too long, I have a home.
    So why do I feel homesick?
    It’s been so long since I’ve been home. Maybe the others in the division are used to that. I’ll probably get there, myself. It’s just been… well, it’s been a long time. Most folks at the academy could just jaunt off to their homes on weekends or breaks, theirs being on Earth. But that’s never been home to me. There were few other colonials at the academy, either, so most people just didn’t get it. Home was at least a week’s travel by most transport, and out of my budget for anything but emergencies. So yeah, it’s been quite a while since I’ve been back. Not sure I could at this point.
    But this is about happy news! I’ve got a new home. And family, after a fashion… And I think they’re going to need my help. I actually only know about half the bridge crew of the Phoenix. I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside ensigns Gideon or Johnson. Or if I have, I’m going to embarrass myself by not remembering. Lt. Commander Zelreich is the crew member I have the most experience with, and his style is sort of refreshing. Reminds me of home. There’s no question about how Commander Zelreich feels about anything.
    Commander Expree seems decent enough. He’s not too hard on me, at least at this point. Whether that’s out of pity because I’m hopeless, or because he’s had lower quality officers lowering the bar for me, I can’t be certain. I’m worried about him, though. Wait, getting ahead of yourself, Remmick. Again, more later.
    Our first simulation was interesting. And unnerving. I served aboard the Phoenix with Expree in command. Zelreich was unavailable for the first part of the duty shift. This was rapidly going to become significant. At the helm was Cadet Draeco, with Cadet Millari on weapons. I believe Millari was fresh out of the academy. I remember that look of horror at being expected to run a station. It’s not been that long. I managed to work my way back to engineering. Given the areas of expertise of our regular crew, I expect it’s a region of the ship I’ll become quite familiar with. Which suits me just fine.
    We were going the normal paces of the beginning of shift simulation when it happened. Commander Expree lost consciousness. This should have been a warning sign for what was to come. After calling for a team from sickbay to tend to the Commander, I awaited orders from the next in command. Looking around, I realized (with slight terror) that I was alone on the bridge with two cadets. That put an acting ensign in command of the Phoenix. Without communication codes for voice contact to the rest of the division.
    I will admit, I did not live up to the dignity that I should have been expected to. However, The Phoenix did not go down. We prioritized mostly being out of everyone’s way, including harm’s. Understaffed as we were, with a green crew, that seemed the safest option. We remained connected to the vessel who was to be our keeper (The Hydra? Of course I can’t remember now). Fortunately, by this time the simulation was nearly at an end.
    After a brief rest, we had our first full mission. Things get a bit confusing for me here. Down in the bowels of the ship, checking connections, and regulators, I’ll admit I don’t have the best connection to the bigger mission. I believe we were moving the artifact to another system through the gates (!). I thought that was deemed too dangerous just last duty shift. But then again, I wasn’t following the maps in stellar cartography, so I could be misremembering that part. Maybe it was a supply mission?
    What I DO remember is the battle. It started rather heavily. Then came the problems. The Valiant took heavy damage AND lost their engineer. Greybeard had just come aboard The Phoenix, so it made sense that I could help them out, so I volunteered to head over to the Valiant. I felt I needed to make up for my not-so-stellar performance commanding The Phoenix.
    The engine room of The Valiant taught me the meaning of the color red. Damage to most systems (somehow warp and impulse were spared). 4 (FOUR!) Damcon crew members scrambling around fixing up hallways when critical systems were in need. Side note: I’m beginning to think the behavior of damcon teams is the primary reason chief engineers are known for their crotchetiness. They’re like cranky cats for all the good trying to command them does.
    I could barely concentrate on keeping them from blowing themselves up, however, with what happened next. I hadn’t been away from The Phoenix for but a few moments when something I’d never heard unfolded over the comms. Expree had ordered The Phoenix to destroy the Schroedinger, and Fleet Captain Xavier was in fits about it! They argued back and forth about whether or not orders had been given to do so. Eventually, Xavier relieved Expree of command and ordered Greybeard to assume command. I wonder if I could have helped had I been there.
    Eventually, despite their best efforts, the teams got the damage repaired. As I surfaced for air, the crew was discussing the possible causes for that incident. The running theories discussed were that a) Expree was a spy, b) Xavier was a spy, c) Expree’s comms officer was a spy (Aposine was adamant that this couldn’t be the case when I informed him that Roshin Das was at the comms at that point), d) Xavier’s comms officer was a spy, or e) someone at Command & Control was a spy.
    It was interesting to work with this crew most of us were used to working on separate vessels. Commander Del Pino’s style of command is quite different than the others I’ve worked for. He expected us to make decisions without his approval, stating that he preferred crews that took initiative. He also said he would berate us later if we made the wrong call. He lives by his own code, as well, going in quite aggressively. Lt. Aposine, formerly of the Lancer, continued to act as ship’s DJ, as well at times. I also learned some tips for engineering with a helmsman who is vocal about their needs. I think I can apply them when working with other helms. Lt. Mundy previously on The Hawk, kept cool at the comms.
    There were more run-ins with enemies, more exploding conduits, more sparks raining down on me in engineering, more damcon members whose families we’ll have to notify. The rest of us managed to make it through. One point of some pride I had was that whenever we made it to a base, we were always at full energy. Let’s see if I can do that on a less efficient vessel. Personal mission engaged.
    Once we returned, there was general discussion about the shift’s events. Before the officers arrived, someone was asking Ensign Tardov her thoughts about Commander Jemel. I don’t recall who initiated the discussion. It seemed an odd question. Also, we received a status update about Commander Expree. Apparently, the artifact exerted some sort of mind control to protect itself from the Schroedinger. Is it sentient? Can it be communicated with? Does it already hate us for dragging it around the system? Update: Mind control exists!
    Somewhere in the midst of all this, Ensign Tardov and I both were promoted to full ensigns. I felt a bit sheepish at this, given how I froze when I had to take command, and how as soon as I left the Phoenix, the commander was attacked. Well, I’ve got the rank now, regardless. It’s time to move forward.
    Next steps: I need to take a look at the data from the Phoenix regarding the artifact and its effects on Commander Expree. While I’m at it, I should request the medical records. I’m wondering if the Commander is particularly susceptible. Either way, we’ll need to know how to interfere with psychic weapons. Moreover, I should go over the information gained from the Schroedinger, including scans at the time of the attack. What were they doing that would be perceived as an attack? This is going to take forever. Maybe I should take up caffeine. I wonder if anyone in the division has access to something not synthetic?

    Ensign Remmick,, Xeno-specialist, out.
    End log.

    Adele Mundy

    There are rumours that Lt.Jr. Matsiyan is quite particular about his coffee. There are also rumours that Lt.Jr. Mundy was able to secure one whole pound of dark-roast single-estate Sumatra coffee beans for him.


    Those spy rumors were flying around? I guess no one brought them off the Valiant. I’ll admit, though, hearing Xavier accused of being a spy got a chuckle and a head-shake from me. Hearing that the Raven’s comms officer (i.e. me) was a spy elicited a “Hey!”

    Adele Mundy

    // The point about rumours is that most of them are wildly nonsensical 🙂


    //Oh yes, I was simply putting up my actual reactions as I was reading. Not seen, was the big damn grin I was wearing at the time.

    Adele Mundy

    // 😀 right back at you.
    Of course, the rumours about the coffee seem to be backed up by the coffee aroma one can smell when walking by whichever engineering station Matsiyan is at.


    “…one whole pound of dark-roast single-estate Sumatra coffee beans…” one may presume Lancer will be boosting to 350% energy??

    Adele Mundy

    Why do you think Lancer has been doing so well? It’s an accepted fact that coffee is engineer fuel.

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