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    Personal Log: Lt. Nhaima, TSN Horizon, 2nd Flt., 4th Lt. Div.
    Stardate: 251117-2237

    The captains of the fleet had all been called to a private intelligence briefing on some matter of urgent sensitivity, leaving the senior officer cadre significantly depleted. To that end, Commander Aramond stepped into the acting Div. CO. role assisted by the recently promoted Lt.Cdr. Hall. Despite his known preference for his present duties, Greybeard never the less received a well received promotion to LTSR in recognition of his tenure of service and talent – talent I was grateful for. Lt. Wade received a similar promotion to LTSR, and a pair of cadets were also granted their temporary commission as acting ensigns. The commander then asked for volunteers and Beaumont and I were selected to receive temporary commands. Beaumont aboard his customary Viper where as I was assigned to Excalibur.

    Thankfully, I received crew I was familiar with. The aforementioned Lt. Sr. Greybeard as well as Ens. Agoom and Xansta and Cdt. Arretez. Initial orders were to deploy the Excalibur herself rather than the frigate we’d received for detached duty – but we’ll get to that. The initial sim provided a useful shakedown for the crew. I hadn’t been aboard the destroyer in months and others were wholly unfamiliar with her. There was a moment of distinct confusion when Horizon and Excalibur were destroyed simultaneously just outside a base we were defending. One officer reported seeing stray ordnance which may have been misfired from Horizon but there was also a space probe near our position. It was possible the simulator had booby trapped it and no one noticed…. I was worried for the inauspicious start to my first proper command, but it was thankfully not a sign of things to come.

    Lt. Xiph quickly briefed us about an operation in the Euphini sector. A Kralian installation had been identified and it was designated as a target for rapid and very planned disassembly. The fleet launched and, if I’m honest, I don’t remember very much about that mission. Horizon declared a state of emergency at one point and the fleet rushed to her defense. The destroyer may be a slower ship but the increased power to shielding improves her staying power well beyond her tonnage. We rather unceremoniously took up position between the Kraliens and their target and attempted to block as much incoming fire as we could. I remember noticing that we occupied the base, apparently the mission parameters had changed or I was worrying too much during the briefing to hear that the plan was capture rather than destruction, but we succeeded none the less.

    The second mission was a little more challenging. Excalibur’s crew was ordered to disembark and instead man the frigate. Two operatives from Blue Section were already aboard, waiting for us there. While the rest of the fleet was securing an artifact that the Kraliens held and reducing their installations and religious temples to ash, I was repeatedly asked to halt the destruction so that a marine team could go aboard and search for-

    Data corruption detected

    After we’d secured our target, we withdrew all of our marine teams from the final base and it too was destroyed. One operative left the bridge to inspect the cargo and in the mean time the fleet was ordered back to base. Upon arrival, the temporary crew was immediately disbanded and distributed through the rest of the fleet. I took up a post on Viper for a training simulation, where I got some more practice on the engineering deck.

    Following the shift, a number of cadets and acting ensigns made their way to the examination room with the commander. On a lark, I followed them in and sat in one of the desks politely. I’m sure I must have been grinning even as I tried to play it straight. Still, he dutifully asked me which exam I was here for. Thinking that I had recently seen my secondary classed erroneously as a Science officer I asked for that exam so I’d at least have a certification matching central records in case it couldn’t easily be changed.

    One should never underestimate the powers and pains of bureaucracy.


    // nice log. Love the data corruption.

    Adam Parra

    rapid and very planned disassembly, lol. Good read Nhaima! I always look forward to your logs.


    // most enjoyable!

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