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    Adele Mundy

    Personal Log, Lt. Sr. Adele Mundy, TSN Sabre, 2nd Flt., 4th Lt. Div.
    Stardate: 41117-2237

    We started the shift with a dangerously low number of bridge officers, and proceeded from there. The first simulation was an exercise in squeaking… by which I mean, all officers with permanent assignments were sent to a ship other than their own, and placed at the station they found most unfamiliar. Well, second-to-most unfamiliar as far as I was concerned, since I was in Engineering. Hence the squeaking. It just happened. It was also echoed by the other bridge crew, and I am only sorry that I don’t remember where everyone was: Quinn was not-Helm, Morlock was not-Weapons, Donovan was not-Science. There was definitely squeaking on the bridge. But the fact that we had all served on Lancer together in the past made the responses to each other’s distress as helpful and good-natured as possible. And I think I’m part of the way to having Engineering set up the way I want it to work.

    The sim was interrupted by technical problems, and for the second sim we were back on our assigned ships, and warming up at our assigned stations, with Cmdr. Aramond in Fleet Command, Quinn on Helm (much to everyone’s relief), Ironclad in Engineering (ditto), and me on SciComms. We had Cdt. Caine on Tactical… which came close to driving the skipper up the bulkhead and down again in exasperation: when you have a Weapons Officer who doesn’t listen to orders about which ordnance to load when, who fires on his own decision paying no attention to the commanding officer’s plans, said plans tend to not work out. Ships whose attention we wanted to grab ignored us, and ships we wanted to bypass came chasing after us, ships we wanted to group up scattered, and working formation maneuvres proved almost impossible.

    We took a short break on base for a little R&R, and found that the latest news bulletin was stirring up a hornet’s nest of rumours, because it included a little too much sensitive detail about the recent encounters with the Caltrons. They even mentioned the coffee pot, dammit.

    Talking of which, Matsiyan has had to resort to his second best coffee pot, which is pretty good if truth be told, but I can taste the difference between coffee made in this one, and coffee made in the heirloom. Dammit. I hope all the analyses and scans don’t damage it.

    Our mission started out as a set of wargames with the N’tani, in which we would run a mock attack on the sensor net we helped set up last shift, so that the N’tani could test their defences; therefore, we set out for the Euphini System, via the Danae Gate in Euphini 13. Aramond was in command, Quinn on Helm, Ironclad in Engineering, Turnez (thank the stars!) on Tactical, I took Comms and Beaumont took Science.

    We met a number of N’tani pickets in Sector 7, and took a while to defeat them — N’tani ships have those long beams, and it’s tricky to engage them. We were on our way towards the N’tani homeworld in Sector 1, to proceed with a mock attack on the planet, when we received a message from CIC to switch to live ordnance and report to the orbit stations immediately: the sensor buoy system in Sector 2 had been compromised, and the N’tani needed our assistance.

    There were some cloaked Skaraan ships hiding in the nebulas, and Kralien ships in the sector already, taking advantage of the malfunction, so we had to keep them at bay while Proteus launched. The tech team on board Proteus found malware in the sensor platforms, and proceeded to effect repairs, while we kept the Kraliens busy until we received the techs’ message that they were ready for extraction. According to the techs’ report, they identified the malware as Skaraan; so it seems likely that the Skaraans, possibly hired by the Kraliens for this purpose, preceded the Kraliens into the system, sabotaged the sensor net, and allowed the Kralien fleets to follow in. The N’tani are now in the process of resolving this latest problem, but they might well need further help patrolling their sectors of space in case a similar attempt is made again before they are able to finish maintenance.

    We concluded the shift with another simulation, in which we were joined on Sabre by an officer I hadn’t met before, Lt. Tam Nayis, who took Tactical. And who managed to have the bridge most unprofessionally giggling. What is it about a Welsh accent?

    [end log]


    // read and enjoyed

    Adam Parra

    Good read Mundy!

    Adele Mundy

    //Thank you both!

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