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    Adele Mundy

    Personal Log, Ensign Adele Mundy, TSN Hawk, 4th LD

    Late on personal logs again – well, at least I’m the only one to notice. Or almost the only one… I think Matsiyan is catching on. Need to keep the focus sharper, to stop stray thoughts leaking out – this never used to be a problem. I swear it was that console exploding on the very first mission. That or the drugs afterwards.

    So, a sim on Hawk, to work on engine upgrades, which was particularly interesting for the engineers and techs. Meanwhile, I got to hear about Matsiyan mourning his ancestral coffee-maker, and trying to keep the new ship, Lancer, going when it kept running out of energy on its test run. Really not ideal to have to different test missions competing for my attention at the same time.

    On the Hawk sim mission, we were testing a new fusion drive, so there was much consultation between Helm (Leonard Hall) and Engineering, with additional input from Weapons (Dante Zelreich). In brief, the weapons systems were less efficient, but the ship registered a huge increase in manouvreability and high warp capability.

    The exercise took us through Cerberus and finally to Cronus system to seek and destroy a Hegemony command vessel. We encountered significant opposition on the way, and that affected the mission outcome, because we used up all our heavy ordnance on the earlier encounters, and, having no bases we could reload in, when we finally found the command ship we had no EMPs left. Given that the command vessel had significantly high shields and we only had torpedoes left, it would have taken a long time to wear those shields down. The sim was halted at that point.

    To summarise: the energy situation allowed more flexibility of movement and did not seem to affect combat in a noticeable way. The ability to sustain high warp for longer meant it was more important for Science to call out range when approaching objectives. The ship slowed down significantly in nebulas.

    Then to the mission: leaving from Prometheus Command, the fleet was to assist in carrying out repairs to Erin Gate by making a rendez-vous with factory vessels, picking up the necessary components, then crossing to Cerberus System Sector 6; the components would then be delivered to TSN Arthur C. Clarke (there’s a name to conjure with…), and the fleet would provide assistance, and if necessary defend from potential Alliance remnants in that area.

    Everything seemed to go as planned. Well, we met a few pirates, but nothing out of the ordinary. The denobyte and materials for the gate repair were delivered, the Arthur C. Clarke was defended, and all seemed quiet. And then we scanned the USF Xenophobe.

    8000 shield is what I read on my console. It took a concerted attack by the fleet to get through that. Xenophobe deployed mines, and Hawk was caught in one of the explosions, which completely knocked out our computer systems. We were left scrambling to restore power, sensors, everything. A close call, but we came out of it, and concerted action did get through Xenophobe’s shields. We picked up life pods, afterwards, and no doubt Intelligence will interrogate the prisoners; I made sure I had a visual feed of them all as they emerged from the pods into the hands of security, but he wasn’t there. I think I feel relieved. I’m not sure.

    Meanwhile, Matsiyan on TSN Lancer was muttering about rebalancing the antimatter converters and recalibrating the impulse thrusters and increasing the rate of thermal dissipation… It was an exercise, but they had the Fleet Captain aboard, so something important was going on.

    One more exercise to test the new energy systems, this time with the whole division. And to cap it all, back on base, Aposine read out his ode on the destruction of Hunter. Poor Matsiyan, he so misses his ancestral coffee-maker!

    [End log]

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