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    Adele Mundy

    Personal log, Lt.Sr. Adele Mundy, TSN Raven, 2nd Fleet, 4th Lt.Div.

    Stardate: irrelevant.

    Well, 24317-2237 if we must go by chronometers, but there is such a thing as the personal perception of the passage of time, and that tells me that immeasurable aeons have gone by. Computer, I’ll brook no argument from you, thank you very much. You may count your nanoseconds to your silicon core’s content, but that will not alter my relief at having completed our escort mission before crumbling into doddering old age.

    Who could have foretold that two perfectly straightforward simulations would prove the peak moments of the shift’s excitement? Even when Phoenix complained that they didn’t have the chance to kill anything large enough to slake their blood thirst.

    I suppose an uneventful escort mission is, by definition, a successful one. If only we had had an inkling it would be so uneventful, we could all have brought knitting needles and yarn on board, and we could have produced a scarf big enough to wrap the station in against the pitiless cold of space… and I speak here as one who has never picked up a knitting needle, and therefore would have to start from the very basics of how to hold one and not stab oneself, or preferably others.

    We were supposed to escort a couple of N’tani ships to sector 5 so the planetary scientists aboard could conduct tests to find out whether the planet we had found was suitable for settlement by the N’tani.

    Computer, when I say N’tani, I expect you to write N’tani. Correct me one more time, and you will not enjoy what happens to your memory banks.

    So we went to wait for the N’tani by the Danae gate. We pottered along beside them, with our pilots being the only ones with anything to do as they kept formation. Yes, there were a few pirates who popped up in sectors 8, 9, and 4, and those anomalies in sector 4 that register as power supplies and are anything but; nevertheless, it was a quiet journey, made longer by the fact that the N’tani had apparently chosen their slowest and most decrepit ships to send on their exploratory mission. Perhaps, since they live several Terran centuries, N’tani don’t care how long it takes to arrive anywhere. Perhaps, to them, we’re a bunch of children in the back of a sub-light shuttle whining, “Mum, are we nearly there yet?”

    Speaking of shuttles, we had to lend them our shuttles, because apparently they had gone on a planetary expedition on ships not equipped with any craft suitable for planetary landing. So, that does not bode well.

    We fended off a couple of desultory pirate attacks while the N’tani were sampling the atmosphere and whatnot down below, and when eventually they finished their surveying, we picked them up again and escorted them all the way back. There was an amount of yawning on the bridge that could be described as unprofessional, were it not entirely justified by the unutterable tedium of the situation. My admiration goes to Nhaima on Tactical, who, though wistfully remarking that she could have been catching up on her reading, remained alert at her station as we travelled through sectors devoid of any threat.

    Upon returning to base, we were wildly excited to find out that it’s time to submit applications for the posts of Duty Officer and Assistant Duty Officer; and that there are vacancies for posts on Hunter (Tactical and Engineering), Lancer (Tactical), Raven (Engineering), and temporary vacancies on Viper (Tactical, Communications).

    Yes, it was the sort of mission that makes bureaucracy sound exciting. I think I need an adrenaline boost, Computer, I’ll just re-categorise these files in the Encyclopedia.

    [end log]

    Blaze Strife

    //As I wrote in Trueman’s log topic, you could’ve all devoted yourself to roleplay chatter or make up a situation on the ship that could/would add a bit of fun for everyone aboard.

    //But I think Adele needs some fencing to get the blood pumping. 😛

    Adele Mundy

    //Chatter is not feasible on Raven, even on a quiet mission the Fleet Captain has a lot of communications to listen to and act on.

    //Fencing would be fun! I might think of a way to say something in my next log.

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