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    Adele Mundy

    Personal Log, Lt.Sr. Adele Mundy, TSN Raven, 2nd Flt. 4th Lt. Div.
    Stardate 20517-2237

    //placeholder for when I have a moment to write up my notes, so the logs don’t end up out of chronological order. Editing shall happen.//

    Adele Mundy

    Personal Log, Lt. Sr. Adele Mundy, TSN Raven, 2nd Flt., 4th Lt. Div.
    Stardate: 20517-2237

    Desk duties continue keeping the Fleet Captain away from training with the Division: this time, the main reason we were given was that he was pleading the case with the top brass for Hunter to be recovered. We have no news, as yet, on how successful he may be.

    Before the simulation exercises, two promotions were announced: Parra and Vaj, both to Lieutenant, and both deservedly cheered.

    I was at my usual post on SciComms on Raven for the sims, with Lt.Cmdr. Aramond in command, while Capt. Fish Evans took command of the division. The newly promoted Lt. Vaj took up his new post as Raven’s Chief Engineer, while Quinn took Helm and the civilian contractor, Mooga, took Tactical. Mooga has been with the Division so long now that sometimes I forget he isn’t actually in the Division; then his unfamiliarity with combat orders reminds me.

    Then we were briefed on our missions, which involved splitting the Division, as Viper and Lancer were to be sent to take urgent supplies to DS31 and DS67, while Raven, Phoenix and Horizon were to run a contraband patrol in Cerberus Sector, to cover the gaps in our sensor net, which is still undergoing repairs.

    I was expecting to remain on Raven, but Viper was short-handed, and Aramond has been Raven’s Science officer since I joined the division, so it was no hardship for him to continue in command while taking the Science console; therefore, I was temporarily transferred to Viper, and we proceeded to do a couple of training simulations with Lancer, to prepare for our medical supply delivery mission.

    Capt. Verok was in command, the other newly-promoted Lieutenant, Adam Parra, was on Helm, Lt.Jr. Draeco was in Engineering, and Cdt. Yooey was on Tactical. Everyone performed very well through a difficult siege sim, followed by a slightly easier Double Front sim. I had forgotten how well Draeco manages the power requirements in Engineering; and Cdt. Yooey really ought to be taking his Ensign exam any day now, as his rank does an injustice to his experience on Weapons.

    We set out on our mission to Cerberus Sector 5: we encountered a few pirates near Promethean Gate once we had made the gate transition, and a few more pirates and Kraliens in Sectors 4 and 3; then things quietened down a little, until we reached Sector 6, where we found more Kralien fleets, and some Skaraans.

    Finally we reached Sector 5, and we were approaching DS67, but were unable to dock because a biomech was hovering close to the station. It was not attacking, but it was preventing any ships from docking. I tried to communicate with it, but it was unresponsive, and the data codes that sometimes annoy biomechs were not enough to lure it away from the station. After repeated attempts, and as the Station Commander urgently asked for our medical supplies because the situation for some of the patients on the station was becoming critical, Capt. Verok reluctantly decided to destroy the biomech. Personally, I think he made the right decision: we delivered the supplies in time to save the personnel on DS67; whether the destruction of the biomech has any consequences is something we shall have to deal with as they arise.

    We continued to DS31, where fortunately no biomech posed any threat, and delivered supplies there. Then DS67 called us back, because our encounter with the biomech had left a gap in the mine field around the station, and they politely requested us to lay two mines to fill the gap. And this is where Parra’s skill as a pilot came to shine, and the coordination between Parra, Draeco and Yooey, as Viper, who is not a minelayer, inched her way backwards to the gaps among the mines, and dropped one mine, and then the second, in position, as neat as you please.

    Our return to Promethean Sector was uneventful by comparison, and the carrier sim that awaited us was a good technical exercise, but compared to that ballet in mine-laying they pale into insignificance. Therefore, Computer, it’s time to stop.

    [end log]

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