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    Adele Mundy

    Personal Log, Lt. Cmdr. Adele Mundy, TSN Sabre, 2nd Space Fleet, 4th Lt. Div.
    Stardate: 15918-2237

    It’s good to be back on Sabre. Why, thank you, Computer, that’s sweet of you. Not sweet as in containing sugar compound molecules, no, but you are making progress. Well done.

    After all this time spent on Hjorden research, it’s good to be back on board. The intensive training was interesting, though I’m still absorbing some details: hearing Hjorden verb conjugations (which are not precisely the right terms, but they’ll do for want of something more accurate) in my head when I’m trying to go to sleep is not entirely a relaxing experience. But it’ll be useful, because our relations with the Hjorden have been making great strides lately. There have been several meetings on board the stations in Hjorden, and communications without a need for the rather cumbersome computer translation systems have made the interactions less formal.

    Plus, there were plentiful supplies of Hjocoa, which I am sure helped enormously.

    But then we hit a snag, as Prof. Eamon McLinley set out from Charon System, on board Transport Frigate Aurora, with a convoy of Escorts and Destroyers, on route to Atlantis System. And contact with the convoy was lost as they transited trough Waypoint 89. This led to a scramble to try and regain contact, and, when that failed, an urgent rescue mission by 4LD – without me aboard, dammit.

    It wasn’t just Command’s normal humanitarian concern for missing crews: Prof. McLinley is a top expert in Gate tech, and has been doing groundbreaking (space-breaking?) work on natural jump point phenomena and jump space research, all of which are of huge strategic importance. I mean, if we can find, hold and develop naturally occurring jump points, we control access to the systems they connect. If such natural jump points exist anywhere in the systems we already control, and we don’t know about them, that leaves metaphorical unlocked doors for anyone to exploit, from smugglers to enemy space faring civilizations.

    So, to say that Command was concerned is an understatement.

    Fourth Light was dispatched, and I was keeping an eye on Comms between them and Command. That did me no good, because when our ships entered the sector, we lost comms. From the reports I read afterwards, and conversations with Song and Hamilton (who is not on active duty at the moment, but somehow managed to be aboard), I gather they found some wreckage from several TSN vessels, including a Black Box from Aurora, and more wreckage they identified as a pirate ship. The final recording on the Black Box showed Skaraan ships decloaking and attacking the TSN ships, which were forced to escape into Cerberus System.

    Dammit. Capt. Warden wasn’t a close friend, but I did know him, and he was… oh dammit, what can you say? All the pleasantries fade to inadequacy.

    And while the intel teams were frantically working on extracting any more information from the Black Box, we went into admin, training and simulations. Cdts. Perpetual and Rakaydos passed their Ensign exams with Silver and Bronze respectively; Lt.Sr. Graybeard was finally awarded his Advanced Practical Proficiency Ribbon for Engineering – possibly the longest overdue award in the history of the Division. We went over the new Stellar Cartography maps (one of the results of recent cooperation with the Hjorden); we did one defence and recon sim. And that was it, for me. Back to diplomacy and research. Dammit.

    Of course I put Cdt. Song on the bridge. She needs the experience, and I know I can rely on her. I really ought to nag her into taking her Ensign exam.

    Very well, Computer, that’s it for now. There’s another conference in fifteen minutes, and I have some notes to go over. At least there’ll be Hjocoa…

    Adele Mundy

    //for shame, 4th Light, for shame! I’m away for weeks, and the most recent log is still my last log?

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