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    Adele Mundy

    Personal log, Lt. Sr. Adele Mundy, TSN Raven, 2nd Fleet, 4th Lt.Div.
    Stardate: 13517-2237

    Computer, did I mention that I like the new arrangement for the Comms console? It makes a great deal more sense than the old one. And the fact that one can select what stream of comms exchanges to focus on is pretty useful too. I’ll have to see if the column of small print comms running down the side is enough for me to pick out any anomalous or significant incoming messages.

    From which you can infer, or you could if you had something resembling actual intelligence, that we spent some time last shift doing sims to test the updated systems. I ran the Comms console on Raven, with the Fleet Captain in command, Aramond as XO and taking Tactical, Graybeard in Engineering, Quinn on Helm, and Trueman on Science. In other words, a smooth running ship. Which was helpful, as I had to suppress Matsiyan’s excitement at being on Lancer, as XO and Engineer for Capt. Jemel.

    We ran a live fire exercise, simulating an invasion with Kraliens, Skaraans and pirates threatening our stations. One fleet actually surrounded a station with a mine field and destroyed it – which I fervently hope never to see in real life. The systems are still a bit fiddly with the recent updates, and we had a couple of tech glitches, but the sim continued with us proceeding to Cerberus and finding an attack on Cerberus Command by Hegemony ships. Raven actually (well, virtually) launched fighters during that encounter, and I had the interesting challenge of estimating their course in my head as soon as their position no longer coincided with the ship’s. Are we really going to rely on old-fashioned protractors for navigation? Yes, it seems we are. I wonder if I should look into buying a sextant as well.

    When it was time to set out on our mission, Horizon joined the division; and from the elation spilling through the psi-link, I gathered that Capt. Jemel handed over command of Lancer to Matsiyan, and kept an eye on him from Engineering. I don’t think I’ve seen so many bubbles since the night in the Bar when we celebrated Matsiyan’s promotion.

    Not that the mission was a light-hearted one: we had to deliver medical supplies from Promethean Command to Volantis sector 3, and bring back any casualties. Viper was specifically charged with transporting the supplies.

    We found enemy fleets attacking the bases in Volantis 3, and we were so severely outnumbered that some of the bases actually fell into enemy hands. It was something of a slog to deal with the fleets and then send fighters in to recapture the bases, all the while making sure Viper was kept safe so she could deliver the supplies and pick up the injured. Our poor maintenance crew were running ragged, and from the MedBay reports I’ve seen, were enduring more than their fair share of burns, smoke inhalation, cuts, bruises and fractures. But they kept Raven more or less in one piece, and her engines online, and the tubes loading and firing. I don’t know how Graybeard works his magic.

    Once we were back on Promethean Command and had delivered our ships to the repair techs (who were not at all happy with us, because dammit, didn’t we know there’s a shortage of spare parts?), we retired back to the sim suites, where we experimented with running two fully crewed carriers, with two fighter wings. Needless to say, all the skilled pilots had a space whale of a time whirring around in their fighters, and found they were particularly effective in taking down enemy ships if they cooperated. I was supposed to give the fighters directions, but had difficulties setting up comms, dammit. By the time I had them sorted out, fighters and bridge officers had already settled, and there was no point interfering in something that was working well.

    So, there’s been much talk about the fighters in the bar, and where to take them next. We’ll see how things develop, because, as far as we know, the talks with the faction of Kralien defectors are continuing, but they’re very much under wraps, so if any conclusions are reached about possible action on the Caltron threat, we’ll probably only find out when the brass give us our mission orders.

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