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    Adele Mundy

    Personal Log, Lt.Sr. Adele Mundy, TSN Raven, 2nd Fleet, 4th Lt.Div.
    Stardate: 11217-2237?

    Summaries of shifts, because I’m due back reviewing data in, oh, not long enough to write a proper log. So, Computer, no nonsense out of you over vocabulary or lack of complete sentences. Also, assume a variety of pretty standard sims as training continues.

    With the Hegemony in control of Sector 11, we were to escort a supply and troop ship and explore sectors where we had little or no info, with the intent of disrupting the Hegemony raids. We split up into two battlegroups and scouted through sectors 14, 4 and 5.

    I remember the Fleet Captain telling us that Mr. Hall was in CiC, and that if we encountered Caltrons, we were to make sure we survived so that we could return to base and shoot Hall. We only carried out the first part of his orders, I admit, to our eternal shame. Yes, Computer, we did encounter some Caltrons in Sector 14. Only little ones, though.

    There were a number of anomalies in Sector 4, that registered on our sensors like Carapaction Coils, Lateral Arrays and High Density Power Cells, but behaved entirely differently. We found out later, in debrief, that Lancer took on one of the things that seemed to be Power Cells, and it damaged their drive. They were clustered in subsectors A1; B1, B2; C2, C3, C4.1, C4.9; D3; E4; mostly along asteroid belts; and there were three Diogenes monsters nearby. If the monsters had anything to do with them is something we have yet to determine.

    We found an unexplored planet in D2.5, which appeared suitable for Terran colonization, reminiscent of some planets in Atlantis Sector. Scans found flora and fauna, but no life forms capable of civilization – at least, so far. Raven launched a fighter (Nhaima piloting) for better visuals over the polar regions, and the resulting scans showed a large mark on the planet, possibly from a meteorite impact or a large scale volcanic event, and what appeared to be a current volcanic event, and a massive tropical storm over one of the oceans.

    Oceans! Dammit, I so wanted to know the composition of that ocean… is the atmosphere breathable? What’s the gravity? Can I go sailing? I mean, I’ve sailed through the sharks that skim the surface in First Ward, I can manage an alien life form or two!

    Returning to Outpost Command, we found more clusters of “power cells” and another Diogenes monster. Questions about whether the Diogenes, the seeming Power Cells etc., the radiation, and the planet are related abound. Answers do not. Sensor data is being examined, some of it by yours truly, hence the brevity of this.

    The only thing I recall as being unusual from the sims that followed is my note: “Phoenix did odd things.” Alas, I didn’t pay enough attention to what the odd things were. I shall have to live with this dreadful gap in my knowledge.

    [end log]

    //(Note: Away Mission takes place here.)

    Stardate: 18217-2237

    We have since found out that Intel officers have examined a black box recovered from a station that was destroyed by Hegemony weapons fire, and the files they found indicate that a Kralien faction wants to break away from the main Hegemony alliance (could this be related to that rescue we took part in against the Caltrons?). The rest of the Hegemony, however, do not look upon this move with favour, and so attacked the base. It appeared that some Kraliens on the run from the destroyed base were in Sector 3, and we were to look for them, investigate, and provide assistance if needed by escorting them to the Command Post, where the Intel people could gather more information from them.

    So we set off to look for them, with Lancer and Hunter scouting, into Sector 8. There was a large Kralien fleet there, and also the dissident faction, which we found, and escorted back to CP27X through large hostile Kralien and Torgoth forces. We were forced to retreat, but we did bring the defectors in.

    It seems that the mainstream Kraliens view any defection as a threat to their religiously-ordered society; while the Torgoths need to continue the war as that makes it easier for their ruling faction to remain in power, so that if the war came to an end, or even declined in intensity, they might face trouble at home. Both of those are reasons why they threw such a large fleet at us, over such a small number of defecting ships.

    As we waited for negotiations to continue with the breakaway Kralien faction, they remained on their ships, not being admitted on board the station for obvious security reasons. We are still waiting to find out if they will ask for asylum, and if it will be granted. Meanwhile, we are finding out a little about their crew composition: for one thing, it is clear they have several races on board, and while bridge crews appear to be exclusively Kralien (in this group of ships, anyway), other races perform other tasks on board. And as linguists are needed in the negotiations, I shall go back to work now, Computer.

    [end log]

    Stardate: 4317-2237

    Good news: both Donovan and Croove were promoted to Lt.Jr. Now, if only we could find time to celebrate them properly in the Bar…

    Which, by the way, reminds me: pre-emptive hangovers are unfair. If I have to have this massive foul headache, may I please have the fun of getting drunk first? Maybe it was too much staring at screens of sensor data and too many hours of Kralien language negotiations through last shift. Well, back on board this time.

    After a couple of straightforward sims, we were briefed on the mission. It seems that while I was dealing with the intricacies of Kralien diplomacy last shift, the division engaged some bases in Sect. 11, but did not destroy a central generator because it was cloaked. So, this shift, we needed to return there, disrupt the cloak, destroy the generator, and also remove a base in Sect. 6 Therefore the division split into two forces, Hammer and Scalpel. (I was so very tempted to say something about this not being the hammer, but I thought it inappropriate for a formal briefing…) Scalpel was to locate and capture the graviton relay stations near the black holes in Sect. 11, Hammer (Raven, Phoenix, Durandal, Grendel and Djinn) to create havoc in Sect. 6 by using distraction tactics while not engaging the main force; then commence the attack on the outer defences and destroy the base in Sect. 6.

    And all that, with no surrenders, so that information about our action wouldn’t get out. Computer, this is my sulking face.

    We moved in under cover of the nebulas (I relayed commands about our movements to Durandal, Grendel and Djinn). There were frantic clouds of enemy ships around the enemy command bases, and complex dances on our part to drag them out and distract them. Too complex sometimes, as there were moments when the enemies we were trying to lure one way would notice Phoenix and end up going exactly where we did not want them to go… My newly refurbished Kralien insults were much exercised to keep enemy attention on us.

    I’m not quite sure what happened with Force Scalpel (Matsiyan sounded quite busy, and occasionally frustrated), as Lancer and Viper sent us the codes we needed, but then came to join us. I found out later they were unable to protect the graviton scanners.

    Meanwhile, I was also managing allied ships to keep them out of the way, then directed them to reactor base. So the reactor was taken over by our marines, who set up charges to destroy it, and returned aboard. At that point all our ships had to escape out of range of the explosion. As I understand it, Viper barely made it clear, and suffered massive damage to its warp core from the edge of the plasma storm caused by the explosion. They limped home, though.

    So, it seems that most of the Euphini Expanse is now under TSN control, apart from the usual nuisances like pirates and Skaraans. And the planet we explored on that Away Mission has been declared suitable for terraforming by the ‘Ntani. There will be a gathering of planetary scientists and other experts, plus the inevitable smattering of dignitaries, to decide whether the terraforming will go ahead. So, excuses for celebrations in the Bar abound, if only I could find a spare moment.

    Oh, and we shuffled bridge stations for a couple of sims, in which I shot a few things, and noticed how very much I wanted more information about beam frequencies. So, note to self, never ever skimp on beam frequency info.

    Good night, sweet ladies, good night.

    Blaze Strife

    //I’ve missed these. 🙂

    Adele Mundy

    //Thank you. I’ve been a bit busy, which is why I went quiet on the Away Mission, but I’ve caught up now.

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