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    Adele Mundy

    Log Mundy, 11016-2237
    Personal Log, Lt.Sr. Mundy, TSN Lancer, 2nd Flt. 4th Lt. Div., 11016-2237

    I was still in the Academy when the Euphini Expanse campaign was taking place, so I have no previous experience of this base to compare its state to, but I don’t need it: it’s a mess. We have all been working on repairs, starting with life support, obviously, and going on from there, according to our area of expertise. Reconstructing the information databases is slow going, but is unlikely to lead to explosions or other immediately catastrophic events. The sensors are a higher priority, and work on them is progressing satisfactorily. We are all still pretty much camping in what are supposed to be our quarters, or, for a lot of people, what are supposed to be mess halls and other public areas, but work continues.

    Meanwhile, as Phoenix is on stand-by patrol, ready to respond to any threats, we spent significant part of the time not spent on restoration work doing sims; partly so that personnel wouldn’t be taken away from the station, partly to get used to our relatively new assignments. With Capt. Jemel busy supervising the work on the station’s engineering systems, Lt.Cmdr. Aposine took command of Lancer for the sims, and as bridge crew members were reassigned to cover for people also working on the station, we ran her with everyone assigned to an unfamiliar station, except for me, as I took my usual double console at Science and Comms.

    The sims were a perfect example of why we do sims… We died at least three times in the first sim alone, first by running onto mines (no, Computer, I was not driving), then because Tactical forgot to raise the shields as we went into combat, then actually in battle. I forget whether the shields were on at that point. Not that Lancer‘s shields are that sturdy to begin with, but she’s not supposed to get into long-protracted battles.

    The second sim ended in a server crash, as the station’s systems either overloaded, or were powered down for maintenance, or mercifully decided to save us from further shame. Or collapsed in a hysterical fit of cyber-giggles.

    By the third sim, we started to improve somewhat, and everyone on the bridge was glancing at the status of the shields and calling out “Shields!” to Matsiyan, so we survived long enough that I was even able to obtain a few surrenders. Not sure how the Voice works on simulated enemies, actually…

    Interesting to see that Aposine’s initial decision on where to head tends to not coincide with orders from the flagship, so that Lancer usually finds herself having to change course as soon as the orders arrive.

    For the combat exercise, we actually took the ships out of dock, huzzah! Aposine in command, Cdt. Donovan in Engineering, Lt.Sr. Matsiyan on Helm, Lt.Jr. Morlock on Weapons. And again, I had the opportunity to notice how Lancer, on scouting duty, runs back and forth between scattered formations, and is continually reassigned as she engages enemies – admittedly, she is not best suited for protracted solo engagements with fleets that include Hegemony command vessels with more than 1600 shields. It feels a little like a child being told to run off home and let the grown-ups deal with the problem, though. And dammit, if we go too far from a fleet, the enemy ships won’t surrender to me any more. Yes, Computer, that’s me sulking. That’s my sulking voice. Now you know.

    Still, we didn’t die, we lost no DamCom teams – which is a relief, because if I do get blown up, I’d rather get blown up by an enemy, doing something that might make a difference. Not that there’s anyone left to get The Letter, unless they can send it by very unofficial channels.

    Anyway, we improved as the exercises went on, which is their purpose. But when the alarm sounded as enemies were detected by the sensors, I was reassigned to the station. I am not happy about that. And I foresee a few other curtailed shifts coming up too, but I don’t know how I can be in two places at once. There may well be some hurried shuttle flights in my immediate future.

    [end log]

    Log Mundy, supplemental:

    Orders just coming over the com system:
    TSN Lancer. Nebulae in D4, D5 C5 and B5 needs to be scouted to ensure the area is secure. Maintain a continuous patrol of the area.

    And we scramble… off to scout suspicious activity. Smoke me a kipper, Computer, I’ll be back for breakfast. On second thoughts, don’t. Even if you could do such a thing, I don’t trust the smoke detectors in this place yet, and the last thing we want is to cover everything in fire retardant.

    John van Leigh

    //Mr. Flibble is very crossed at that refference.

    Adele Mundy

    //And a Hex Vision No-Prize for van Leigh!

    Blaze Strife

    //Since lately I cannot attend the duty shifts, I envision Blaze being stuck in the night shift or on the station. I’ve even given thought to writing a short log talking about Blaze’s irritation at not being able to serve on the bridge.

    //You could have Adele actually obtain/train the power of the Voice, since she is a psychic, after all. Might be great for some advanced RP.

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