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    Personal Log, Lieutenant-Junior Conrad Matsiyan, TSN Lancer, 4th LD
    Stardate: 23116-2238

    Not much to report this shift. I was dragged away to assist with divisional clerical tasks and only returned after the mission to bring the Cosmic Icosahedron Artifact back from Cronus to Promethean system for protection and study. I did hear the tales of fierce assaults by Caltrons to prevent the movement of the Artifact, the terrifying temporary loss of two division vessels at the height of the battle, and the underhanded. Unakalhai intervention in the Promethean system rendering two of three potential support stations inaccessible. Also Phoenix destroying the science escort Shroedinger while commander Expree was telepathically influenced by the Artifact in a mistaken attempt to defend itself.

    It is cold comfort to know that without the clerical support, inevitably the combat force would eventually suffer a loss of efficiency as things went unmeasured and uncorrected. But why this shift with its titanic struggle?

    So I sat down to join a simulation with no very warm feelings except being happy to get my hands on controls again and feel the comradeship of fellow officers. And then I was embarrassed and thrilled to be congratulated on being awarded a Distinguished Service Medal for briefly commanding TSN Hydra when the division was ambushed while the senior officers were in conference aboard the flag.

    [End log.]

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