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    Personal Log, Lieutenant-Junior Conrad Matsiyan, TSN Lancer, 4th LD
    Stardate: 2116-2238

    Still no word on personal shipping schedules. Sometimes Terra seems so far away, even when you have contacts in a star-spanning commercial combine. But then military bases do tend to be a bit isolated. Also no luck so far in getting news on the refit of Hunter. I was hoping Polano had Marines contacts over in the shipyard, but I haven’t seen him lately. Maybe assignments will settle down now that populations are not moving around so urgently and unexpectedly with the end of the Cerberus campaign. I haven’t seen Leo Kaplan around either. I would bet she is about ready for promotion given how she was steadying up. I know she would get Polano’s vote. Not that us lowly mortals get votes.
    I did my usual prep for the shift’s Duty Officer responsibilities. Posted some useful links on the comms board. Pulled the current list of assignments and started checking off who was arriving in the Docking Bay or socializing in the galley. As usual most of the Hawks and Lancers were around before I had to send everyone into the briefing room.

    The senior officers did not seem to have stability so much on their mind. Officers were invited to apply for berths in other vessels to share experiences and best practices and also to consider if there are secondary roles aboard that they would be interested in fulfilling. Maybe they are concerned that crews will wallow a bit too much in the shared horrors of the last campaign or perhaps that now is exactly the right moment to stir things around while there is a touch less pressure which gives us a time to retrain and sharpen new crew combinations. Certainly for the longer term it is good to experience a variety of roles and personnel. It gives you a wider “library of experience” to draw from in combat.

    We had a civilian assigned as observer. Young mister Tuttle is applying for the Academy and has already signed his NDA so they offered him a chance to see what he would be training for As a cadet.

    Other than that, orders were to warm up with a classic sector defense sim. Lancer leapt into her usual scouting role. There were numerous pirate engagements. One oddity was than after some minor damage I went to direct DamCon teams and was shocked to find only two team locations. I thought for a moment we had lost a whole team but then realized two teams were in the same node. It makes me wonder what they were up to. It is increased risk to the ship if that node is struck. Was there some dispatch screw up and they went to the same node at the same time? Were they competing to be first? Was there some kind of argument, competition, union meeting or a little off the books trading going on? I shall have to investigate. Those crews need to stay efficient. If only Kaplan or Polano were aboard, I would have a potential friendly ear. But I haven’t seen them since the chaos of the Cerberus campaign.

    I was then distracted because Hydra was destroyed, Helm was flying with more panache even than usual because Morlock was brushing up and we took three drones in the rear. He also managed to bump an asteroid on the way back to base at high velocity. Sim indicated damage and a wounded crewman, not to mention our pristine paintjob.

    The main mission for the shift was to make a patrol sweep through the Cerberus system. We need to keep flying the flag there or cede the space to the Hegemony and pirates. We dealt with some usual pirate contacts, swept two sectors and then encountered a pair of Unukalhai Nightmare class. I haven’t been in an encounter with those human supremacist secessionists before. They certainly have some sharp technology, enormous shield generators. I was too busy in engineering to get much impression of the engagement except to know that it took concentrated and disciplined work.

    Worse was to follow. As we swept Sector VIII we uncovered a major Arvonian fleet with a Command Ship, one of their overpowered superdreadnauts. The first problem was the huge cloud of fighters launched by the fleet’s carriers. Since we were first on the scene and we are the nimblest, we accepted the invitation to dance and kept them occupied while the rest of the fleet cleared away the carriers to uncover the Command ship. There were also numerous drones at first. One got past the point defense and the strangest thing happened. Somehow the shields failed to take its attack. Its drive field must have phased so precisely with our shield nutation that it passed straight through, and to add injury to insult, it took out half our forward shield generators without touching the others or denting the field they were generating. It was the damnedest thing.

    Hawk got over-eager or unlucky and went down but successfully scattering her lifepods. We later learned she heard a fleet pattern Charlie-1 and was closing for beam engagement while Hydra was ahead of her executing an Echo-4 and friendly fire isn’t. We are normally first-in for lifepod retrieval but could not help this time because of our large and dedicated fanbase in the fighter community. There are times when you long for a mine.

    The Command ship had been worn down and destroyed by the time anyone could scrape off our admirers. We were able then to join in mopping up the stragglers. I had a nice balanced power configuration between forward shields and beams that meant we held of serious damage and wore down the opponents slowly enough that they had the opportunity to surrender rather than abandon ship or vaporise.

    The rest of the sweep was quiet except for a few pirates. Once we were back at base they finished the shift witha couple of simulations. In the first one I had the exhilarating experience of taking Lancer’s helm. That was more fun than the time I borrowed my dad’s old Lamborghini antique and took it for a spin around the shuttle pads.

    For the final sim a couple of officers were called away so crews were shuffled to give even numbers to each vessel and I held down Engineering aboard Phoenix, with Hall Aramond and Gideon under command of Zelreich.

    Debrief was short but there was encouragement again to consider transfers and also to broaden bridge officers’ experience by taking on some ancillary roles.

    Master At Arms / Ships Legal Officer
    Responsible for investigating Enlisted Crew, Advises the Captain and XO on legal matters, Liaises with the Judiciary Adergents General Office and Division Security Manager

    Supply Officer
    Maintains ship’s inventory Acquires Food, Parts, and Equipment as needed by the other departments

    Ancillary Equipment Officer
    Looks after Secondary Systems such as Water Recycling, Fire Suppression systems, Transporters and Emergency Equipment

    Safety Officer
    Manages the Safety of the Crew, Inspecting that jobs are done Correctly and in a safe manner

    Ancillary Craft Officer (Life Pods, Shuttle Craft, Captain’s Gig)
    Responsible for the Landing Bay and equipment as well as the ship’s Tractor Beam, ensures that Life Pods are correctly stocked and that Shuttle craft are fueled and maintained properly

    After the shift I did a little research on the Unukalhai.

    ONI/SSB Joint Brief on the Unukalhai Colony and History

    The Unukalhai faction can be traced back to a group of colonists who escaped from the Bombardment of various worlds with a number of key ships and designs, including the colony seed ship Concord about 23 Years ago at the conclusion of the Unukalhai Uprising. rumors have been abound of recruitment over the past 10 or so years to their cause from various human colonies throughout the USFP and the Security Services Bureau have apprehended a number of agents over the last few years. About 12 months ago the theft of 124 mines from the Promethean Border Region’s defense grid was attributed to Unukalhai agents, but this has not been confirmed. The Unukalhai themselves are smart despite their human supremacist attitude. (and have been using influence and various dirty tricks to play species off one another to keep them weak). There have been theories that the Unukalhai have been supporting the myriad Pirate “corporations” (building hulls, safe refuge) in order to sow unrest, harass TSN assets, and damage shipping within the USFP.

    [End log.]

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    Matsiyan, your personal log contains classified information. Please edit your log to correct this.

    Lt. Cmdr. Zelreich
    Phoenix XO


    The log interface does not offer me the option to edit or delete personal log posts. If someone will enable that function I will gladly redact the post pending senior officers’ review.

    Fish Evans

    // Z this sort of thing makes very good reading and advertising for the division so lets not get tooo carried away with the RP? Its a shame we cant share whats happening with the Spies side of this “seasons” story as I suspect there are going to be some rather cool things happening that only Intel will be able to see as the sides work to thwart eachother.\\

    Lt Cmdr. The Information listed has been De Classifed, It appears that one of the clerks forgot to remove the header information before release if you are talking about the “Brifeing” section?


    // Fish, is there a way to delete it so that I can post a corrected version? I should get rid of the header and the OOC comment in one of the job descriptions. Also, I thought personal logs were private. I imagined that only Medical, Legal subpoena or Naval Security could overide access 🙂
    This is the reason I prefer to post mine as personal logs rather than duty logs, as duty logs would miss a lot of internal roleplay that should not be present in a formal shift log.

    Fish Evans

    // there should be an edit marker at the top of the post near the date/time – It looks greyed out but should work.. or maybe its just becuase I have Admin.. Ihave taken the liberty of removing the OOC comment and altering the header a bit just incase you cant.

    //and yes keep up the good work on the Logs, they are a wonderful read

    Adele Mundy

    // I’m used to the concept of RP “open secrets”, where one character’s secret is known to the players, who simply pretend not to know in character. That’s why I write things in Adele’s personal log that she would never dream about uttering in public, or writing in a formal duty log. If I wrote Adele’s formal duty logs, I’d make damn sure they were so boring they’d be unreadable. They’d consist of: list of bridge crew members; summary of mission briefing; list of actions undertaken by the division; list of hostile vessels encountered and destroyed; summary of mission debrief.
    I was assuming that a personal log is being read by the players, not the characters, because it’s an in-game private document. In the same way, should Adele express any personal opinion about her fellow officers, they don’t necessarily correspond to what I think about the players – particularly if her opinion is negative! Bridge crew on Hydra, I don’t _actually_ resent you in any way… but Adele can’t help remembering how close she came to dying because of those friendly mines.\\

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    // Hi, Fish. There used to be the edit option, but I do not see it anywhere now. I checked posts in other forums but it is gone. Mundy sees it. Looks like my permissions have gone astray. Maybe the central security AI is suspicious of my coffee dealings?


    //I can look in to it for you when i have chance. Probably just a mix up with the user roles in the site update (it was updated recently).

    As for the spies side of the story, I could set up a private forum for them to post logs in. After the campaign, they could be de-classified for all to read and get the other side of the story. I’d be they’d make good reading by those who weren’t spies!


    @Fish Understood. Never mind Matsiyan seems like I was mistaken. Keep up the good work!


    Many thanks for taking an interest and keeping me honest. Even if the content was okay in principle it still needed proofreading. It was late and I was keen to catch up on logs for all the notes I have taken, but I should have waited til next day.

    Adele Mundy

    //I love the idea of the secret spy logs that can be unveiled when the story arc is over! \\


    //Mundy, I’m right there with you. This next log I have cooking up is going to cast some shade on one of our command staff, so that’ll be interesting.

    Xavier, those spy logs would be amazing to read. Even if we have to wait for them.

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