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    Personal Log, Lieutenant-Senior Conrad Matsiyan, XO TSN Hunter, 4th L.D.
    Stardate: 18317-2237

    Training standards are low or maybe we are just a long way from anywhere and short on replacements. A measly couple of sims with an instructor over my shoulder and some fragments of hypno-study and they throw me onto CIC as officer of the watch.

    Fleet-captain Xavier was busy, which maybe explains why there was a shortage of trained CIC staff if they were all up to something. Oh wait. Of course. The Hjorden evaluation team are on their way to examine the nice fresh planet we found for them. Musn’t let anything happen during THAT shift, must we? You can bet there will be auxiliary CIC staff out the airlocks for that shift, every system freshly overhauled and diagnostic’d to death. Polished too I shouldn’t wonder. I bet they’ve got shuttles out scouting and servicing all the sensor relays. No wonder we are short-handed.

    So captains Jemel and Verok handled the briefing. Two cadets up for Ensign’s exams. Couple of sims, recon mission to find out what state Sector VI is in after we detonated the Kralien reactor station and wiped out over half their forces in the system, and then a serious push to flush the last known Caltron presence out of the system over in Sector X.

    The Stars Around just had “hard work” written all over this shift for me. Weapons is my least favourite bridge post. I don’t know what it is about establishing targeting locks and managing ordnance that freaks me out, but my aptitude scores are always low. At least the Mark I interceptor has no ordnance. So it is just pickling that target and switching in and out of Manual to catch drones.

    Oh, and Shields. I forgot Shields. Literally. Gotta love sims. XO fails to raise Shields. Good for the circulation. Flushes toxins. And if I catch any of those smirks on the review streams, Hunter will have very shiny washrooms.

    Sector VI was all quiet except when we stuck our nose into the nebulae nearest the epicenter of the explosion. Massive systems overload. Safeties blowing all over. Red across the whole of the front of the saucer. The nebula plasma was supercharged with some kind of weird flux energy. No knowing how long that will take to decay.

    I was squeezing in a properly brewed pot of espresso when it was published that Cadet Psy passed his exam and cadet K distinguished himself with a Silver pin.

    Then I was up to the Command Information Centre and being told to act as Division Overwatch while they set out to find and eradicate any remaining Caltron presence in Sector X.

    Caltrons have a technique of aggregating individual systems units into larger constructions with much much higher efficiency. We have never dared to let them accumulate too long in any one place and no one had any intention of leaving such a risk next to an ally’s new Homeworld.

    The fleet did encounter some minor pirate activity en route which is only to be expected. They also were probed by fast-moving Caltron primary scouts in Sector XV. Fortunately they eliminated them before they escaped.

    In Sector X itself, there was some interference. Maybe the larger Caltron superswarms, there were two, have some influence on Command Net comms protocols.

    The superswarms spawned attack fleets in short order, or maybe they were defence fleets? Plus a couple more of the fast moving scout-primaries hurried up to harass the division. Ultimately though the fleets were pushed aside and the superswarms dealt with. Something was off with this bunch of Caltrons though. Some of the virus packets we have used to disrupt their operations previously were absurdly effective in this engagement. Usually their internal ICE is able to overcome our virus packets pretty quickly, though it is still worth trying for the brief assault window it sometimes offers. But maybe our previous engagement when Kralien Commander Kolmar joined forces with us left some lingering vulnerability our payloads were particularly suited to exploit. I wonder if it was an interaction with something the Kraliens use? That would bear examination in a joint research project with the Kolmarians.

    Even as the last of the Caltron units were being eliminated, they were able to summon reinforcements through the artificial singularity they were maintaining in the system. I was able to coordinate the division’s vessels into aligning overcharged sensor arrays on a harmonic with the primary beam emitter frequencies to close the rift as we have successfully done at least once before.

    I guess the Hjorden and their space monsters can enjoy their new planet in peace.

    And I can now get out of this sticky uniform and shower before bed.
    [End log]

    Blaze Strife

    //Ah,Caltrons… Void take them!

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