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    Personal Log, Ensign Conrad Matsiyan, TSN Hunter, 4th LD
    Stardate: 141115-2237

    Shore leave has been great. Happy I had it and happy to be looking forward to a shift. Have they broken Hunter? Did Greybeard replenish the Whisky? What have the division been up to while I have been away?

    At the convention:
    A couple of old friends celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary. They choked up over their vows, played taiko drums and there was cake and alcohol.
    1. Simulation of vampires in 1971 Los Angeles.
    2. Presented a simulation of a sub-light tramp trader crew in a quadernary stellar system with dozens of planet and hundreds of moons.
    3. Similar sim to #2 but hunting the crew for bounty
    4. Presented a simulation of unhappy characters at the tail end of 19th Century Japan after the arrival of other nations
    5. Co-presented simulation of female Soviet night bomber pilots in World War II
    6. Speculative simulation of mages preventing Napoleon looting the Egyptian Valley of the Kings in 1798.
    7. Presented a simulation of an alternate universe of samurai fighting off the decay of empire.

    After spending so long in space, there were the simple but overwhelming joys of cold air, rain, revelling in a steaming heated outdoor pool, good food locally prepared with local ingredients and the company of friends not intimately familiar with the day to day routine of a bridge officer in the TSN.

    Now where is that Ensign pin?

    End log.

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