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    Personal Log, Ensign Conrad Matsiyan, TSN Hunter, 4th LD
    Stardate: 071115-2237

    Shore leave!

    Out of nowhere. That two weeks you are supposed to get between graduating and reporting for duty as an officer for the first time. Yeah. That didn’t happen due to the recently concluded unpleasantness. A bit of quick research revealed that a number of cadets seem to have been granted passes at the same time. Mundy is free too. We have arranged to meet up with a lot of friends we knew before the Academy. They are getting together a convention to run entertainment oriented simulations for a variety of theoretical parallel universes. Somebody dug up old pre-space books by an early speculative fiction writer called Zelazny, about a quantum hyper-dynamic multi-variant tesselation collection they referred to as “Amber”. Should be fun.

    Then I discovered the fact that leaving Hunter to someone else left a kind of pit in my stomach. I had to take a shot of the good stuff to kill the butterflies that started breeding there. But I stowed the rest of the bottle in the Jefferies tube as per Tradition.

    I ran diagnostics on everything, purged unwanted log files, reset some of my custom device profiles to Academy standard, polished the main engineering console with a little dab of warp drive coolant. They say the oleophobic self-organizing nanite aerogel film will get rid of fingerprints and what not, but I swear it reacts better with a whiff of Nobreach.

    I guess I ran out of excuses at that point so I slung my duffel and headed onto station. I stopped by the Commissioned Officer’s Galley on my way to the shuttle. Everyone was gathering for shift start. Suddenly leave seemed like the booby prize. They were all in regulation uniform, but wearing it so casually that it relaxed around the frames of these veterans in a way that somehow it never does on a cadet, even after four years in the academy, and never does on a fresh ensign either. I envied their sense of purpose and the keen anticipation you could feel in the air as they bantered and waited for the Duty Officer or their assistant to call them to the briefing room. I have been a part of this select club for such a short time and yet I am already loathe to surrender it even for the mental and physical rest my body knows it needs.

    The duty officer let me know that Lt. Greybeard was assigned to Engineering aboard the Hunter while I would be gone. I could hardly ask for a better stand in. He was standing right there so I let him know where the Scotch was. Not that he needed to know since he put me wise to that trick in the first place. He thanked me.

    “Don’t break her!” I threatened him. “Hunter is delicate, not some hulking brute like Raven or Hydra.” I grinned at him.
    “I have been with her before, I understand your concerns.” he assured me gravely.
    “You mean – I’m leaving her with an ex-?”
    “Only for tonight.” he chuckled.

    End log

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