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    Jemel Eahain

    Commanding officers Log, Cmdr. J. Eahain, TSN Lancer, 2nd Flt, 4LD 4616-2237
    Start Log
    Commander Jemmel Eahain recalling the events of start date 6616-2237
    Where to start,
    Arvonian spy’s, assaulted bridge crew, fleet cap still away at the inquiry and that’s all before the shift started.
    i was pounding the hall of Promethean command before the shift, with the situation going on the station was on high alert and lancer had been ordered to fire up in-case she was needed to rotate or assist the the QRF dutys in system, in the end she was not needed and was stood down just before the duty shift.
    With Captain Evans being tied up on the command deck it was left to me to sort out the rest of the division, we are still on restricted duty’s so it was be a day of training sims and a low priority patrol, things were a bit more interesting than the boring shift we were expecting.
    First off the division was asked for some volunteer fighter pilots to assist in the on-going Arvonian issue, they were to be left with the division on standby for when they “might” be needed. Looks like the experience the division gained having dauntless with us has made us useful enough for command to overrule the restricted duty’s to an extent.
    We started off the with some simple sims and they were dreadful, not the division itself but the software was so slow it was a nightmare to get the ships to go anywhere, eventually it packed in all together, when we reconnected for a new sims things were better and we could actually coordinated ships, Not that helped me, my comm pad was buzzing constantly and i had to go look at a device left by the Arvonians, running off in a hurry leaving Lt Hall to look after things for a short time. {#lkd’- details removed not pertaining to TSN Lancer} when i returned sim number 2 was coming to an end and the fighters pilots were asked to head for the fight deck quick time.
    sim 3 kicked off and i had to rush off again, Hall was left in charge of lancer and i had to leave fleet command with Lieutenant commander Zelreich. (god have mercy on our souls)
    I got back about half way through sim 3 things seemed to be under control so i was going to just observe untill hall thought it was great idea to put me on the weapons station as Lancer was short staffed, im pretty sure i saw him smirking at the back of my head in the reflection of the weapons console, to give hall is dues he does not get too much time in the chair on lancer so its good for him to get a shot at command.

    With sim 3 complete the officers on fighter duty re-joined us, timonex and Roshan had massive grins on their faces when they got back on Lancers Bridge, whatever they had been up to must have been a blast.
    I was just about to patch into fleet wide comms and have every one stand down then the klaxons started.
    The division had been called to scramble, with the restricted duty’s not all of the officers were available so only lancer, eagle Montgomery and phoenix were able to launch.
    Multiple contacts inbound on Promethean command, the division was split up and sent out to hit the targets only when ships got within close range of the enemy they simply disappeared….not cloaked but proper gone like they were never there, the cause was discovered to be the Arvonian device discovered on station, it was pumping false data into the command stations grid that was in turn being pumped out to us. We couldn’t chance ignoring the contacts in case any turned out to be real, so he had to run down each on to be sure. On top of this we suspected this was cover to allow the Arvonians mother vessel to escape, So had to search the sector with a fine tooth (space) comb to make sure there was no lurking Arvonians.
    The divisions diligence paid off and the Arvonian carrier was discovered along with a couple of sneaky skaraans, Lancer had the honour of running down the enemy vessel, we tried in vain to get it to surrender so we could take the crew alive hoping to discover their motives but unfortunately we had to destroy it so make sure it did not escape.
    There was one more positive, a flight recorder or computer core was recovered from the wreckage of the Arvonian ship hopefully it can shed some light on the situation. With the sector clear the division headed back to command to dock up and stand down.
    The bridge crews were told to assemble in the briefing room after a short break, the man himself fleet captain Wise was back with us, his shuttle had just docked after the fleet docked up. He de briefed us on the situation with moon-sec and the Arvonian situation, with some other business to attend to the fleet captain left me in command of the fleet as captain Evan was still away.
    New orders had come in, the division was to head out to the sierra system to do a routine patrol and report back on strengths and movements of any hegemony fleet or any other fleets found, the tip to the sierra gate was quiet a couple ships turned up and were dealt with swiftly,
    We arrived in the sierra system and started our patrol, our orders were to scout out the 3 sectors of the system, everything seemed to be normal to start with, hand full of hegemony ships trying to slip through the bad land sectors of sierra.
    Then we came across a massive fleet, they were definitely on a war footing with the amount of fire power they were packing, it even had two Arvonian command ships with in it. Fortunately the forth light is not living up to its name currently but far exceeding it, there is nothing light about TSN Montgomery,( a dreadnought) TSN Eagle, (a missile cruiser) and TSN Lancers beam arrays,
    The order for Lambda 3 was given, the fleet was to bombard the tightly packed enemy fleets with EMP’s and Nukes, Lancer was sitting behind phoenix picking off drones in an impromptu kappa manoeuvre when disaster struck. phoenix dropped a mine instead of the omega 2 it was to launch at the enemy, by the time evasive manoeuvres was called it was already too late, massive damage to the forward section of Lancers saucer shaped hull, and all systems were down, we were floating in space completely dead, to be honest I’m not sure how we survived, the dam con teams got too it and got us running again, we were not combat ready but we could move and with comms re-established with the rest of the fleet we could at least monitor the attack on the enemy fleet. with 2 volleys each sent from the other 3 ships i switched the fleet pattern to sigma 2, mine runs from every ship, the order of the drops were given and the fleet maneuvered themselves into the best positions to start there mine runs, mines runs finished and the enemy was in complete disarray and were quickly mopped up, life pods and black boxs / computer cores were collected from what was left of the command ships.
    The division moved off towards the last sector, we had to pass through the sector with the gate again and some off the ships took off towards the gate rather than wait for orders, I could hear the muttering of the captains all the way over on lancers bridge when I gave the order to re direct and rendezvous with lancer on the next sectors edge.
    The last sector also contained a large fleet, but this fleet was different, it was a construction fleet moving vast amounts of materials and base construction equipment. Intel was forwarded to command and the orders to capture the supply vessels were given, it did not take long to destroy the escort vessels and deploy marines aboard the supply ships to fully take them under our control. The only oddity was a lone USF ship appearing to try and lay claim to the supply ships, he didn’t last very long either, with the supply ships secured we made the long and slow journey back to Promethean command.
    Once back on station I sent the crews back down to the simulation suites, I left them too it and ran some ensign exams for waiting cadets, after that shift I needed a sit down in a quiet room and there is no room quieter than the exam suite on promethium command.

    End Log

    Damn I need a drink, hopefully the bar is still open.

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    Jemel Eahain

    // i think that’s how it all went down anyway

    Blaze Strife

    //Thanks for writing this! The device proved to be such a pain in the ass. It’s too bad Blaze didn’t notice it, but at least he got stabbed and pointed light (or blood) at the room so others can find it.

    //Sorry, but isn’t the correct stardate 4616-2237.

    i had to leave fleet command with Lieutenant commander Zelreich. (god have mercy on our souls)


    Jemel Eahain

    //your right about the star date i somehow managed to put todays date in lol

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    Adele Mundy

    //Thank you, it’s good to know how the situation developed.


    //Wait. What? Phoenix? Where did she come from?

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