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    I float on a fog shrouded sea
    Waves of sadness pounding me
    SADNESS – for the Shrodinger and her crew
    SADNESS – for Commander Expree
    SADNESS – for it, the Artifact which is sentient
    SADNESS – that I have failed the TSN

    Last duty shift started off quite busy. But then being DO that is to be expected. Many, MANNY thanks to Aposine, my ADO, without whom this would not go as smoothly as it has. Someday, “someone” needs to write a DO Manual…

    Ships were staffed and I found myself aboard the TSN Phoenix, CL-262, under Commander Expree. Had I not been keeping an eye on the Lobby for any late comers I may have paid more notice to how odd it was we did not get the usual “Gentlemen I have a bad feeling about this.” And I was honored to be selected to be XO for the Phoenix. One note for budding XOs, you may want to establish your own set of
    Comms Channels {Whisper Lists}.

    Warmup Sim went well. At least I recall nothing from it. Then on to the mission – escorting The Artifact to it’s next home. Again, things were going well, some light opposition that was summarily dealt with. THEN Cdr Expree started saying “They” were trying to kill him and ordered us to nuke the Science Vessel Schrodinger. Much training of a TSN officer goes into obeying orders. I think some needs to go into when NOT to obey. The Nuremburg Trials of the mid 20th Century have long established that “Ve vas only following orders” is NOT a valid defense. I could have saved civilian lives, and a TSN ship, had I delayed Expree and sought advice from higher command. I failed. Hind sight may be 20/20, but is also bittersweet. When orders came I was able to have Expree arrested and relieved. Kudoes to my crew {wish I had noted their names}. Especially thanks to the Comms officer who covered for me not having Comms channels of my own setup. We were able to complete the mission. I was relieved of command for the next Sim. Cannot recall details, still a bit stunned.

    Allow me to recommend reading the Captain’s personal Log for many more details.

    Apparently the Schrodinger did NOT pack any life pods. My condolences to the family and friends of her crew.

    Apparently security details felt Expree to be a Significant Threat as he was both sedated AND restrained. The doctors say he may be fit for duty next shift. I hope they let me visit him before then.

    Now, for The Artifact, which we had thought was a big super bomb… We find out it has psionic abilities. And that suggests it has sentience. And can feel pain. From what I recall Expree as saying, I would guess the tests the scientists were running were causing pain. And so IT defended ITSELF. IT responded to the threats as best IT was able.

    So, what is IT? Mother-of-all-BioMechs? Or mayhap a divergent evolutionary branch of BioMech? Doubtful, as it does not seem capable of independent locomotion. Maybe those Kralien tall tales of there being a predecessor intelligence are right. Maybe this was a child’s see-and-say for them? Maybe it is the sole survivor of it’s race? Or maybe something else entirely different. I do feel it my duty to volunteer to try to establish peaceful communications.


    // Greybeard, this is an awesome log, real details, a point of view, emotional content, moral quandaries, brevity. Brilliant.


    // thank you Matssiyan I hear rumors that you have some Sumatran dark roast and may be experimenting w/ overcharging HYDRA to 350% 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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