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    —Personal Log—
    Flt. Cpt. Xavier Wise; 2nd Fleet, 4th LD
    Stardate 30618-2237

    The past few months have been the most trying time of my long career, and it will be something that will take a long time for me to understand.

    It has taken me three days to come around after the transition. My head still feels like it is spinning – apparently the meds will help with that… It seems that when we transitioned, a number of the division officers were knocked out. Luckily there were enough still on their feet to be able to deal with aftermath. For those that were conscious, finding themselves on the wrong side during a USN ambush was more than a shock. Luckily, the actions of the crews saved TSN forces for being destroyed and ensured the USN plans were foiled. According to the reports I have read, our ISN counterparts had defected, using the artefact in some way to control local populations, and managed to raise a rebellion. Supported by the USN, the whole region was beginning to destabilise. It sure seems one hell of a mess to try and clean up.

    I keep thinking back our ISN counterparts. Did they get off the ships before the self-destruct triggered? The destruct was set to give enough time for the lifepods to launch, and we’d all ensured they were set to automatically deploy on transition. I keep imagining they are TSN hostages, or perhaps being investigated by ISN.

    As for the artefact – its gone. In the transition, it was completely destroyed. No trace of it exists that sensors have been able to find. That should ensure that nothing else can make the transition back through the rift it created between the two universes. Two universes… if there are only two. This one we are in seems like ours. Everything checks out so far. From what I understand of it all, the artefacts linked out two universes together, using the psychic link to transfer our consciousness into the bodies of our counterparts. It was a straight swap, so reversing the process swapped us back. It seems all very convenient, but I am more than happy to accept the science behind if it means I am back in my own body in my own universe.

    Our ships are significantly more efficient. It is one positive to this whole experience. Our ISN counterparts it seems were particularly good at refining ship systems to make them as efficient as possible. I imagine, after running on budget ships in the ISN that were patched up more times than I would like to think about and having fully functional warships and access to extensive supplies and resources, putting their talents to use meant they could really optimise our shipboard systems. Energy efficiency is significantly improved across all the division’s ships. TSN engineers are combing through all ship systems to glean as much as possible from what their ISN counterparts were doing, and see if they can use it to improve other ships across the TSN.

    I am still trying to unravel everything that has happened whilst we were in the mirror-universe… as some officers have taken to calling it. TSN Command have restricted the whole division to training duty for the time being, until we understand this whole saga. It seems they are not yet convinced of our genuine intent, but they admit that the story is so far-fetched that it seems very unlikely to be made up to get undercover USN agents into the TSN. I have assured them that each and every officer will submit their statements and take part openly in their lines of inquiry. Until everything has been resolved though, everyone just has to sit tight. They have at least given me access to reports of recent events, although I think that is to see what I do with it, rather than to keep me informed. It’d be a great way to find a leak, I must admit – provide us with the information and see if it then crops up… somewhere it shouldn’t…

    …. This damned headache… I hope it clears before the briefing.

    End log.

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