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    —Personal Log—
    Flt. Cpt. Xavier Wise; 2nd Fleet, 4th LD
    Stardate 29116-2237

    Today was tough – on the Division, on the officers… it served to remind me, to remind us all, of the principles on which the TSN is built.

    Our mission had been a simple one to begin with. I’d ordered the division to explore more of the rift, to make sure areas around our key operational bases were secure. Deployed were the Raven, Phoenix, Viper, Lancer and Hunter. Nothing ever seems routine in the Expanse, but with the five main ships of the division, I knew we could handle most situations. Prepare for the unexpected… how that old saying rings true from my time on the TSN Fury. I can still hear Cpt McMahon’s voice saying it.

    Prepare for the unexpected.

    It was the comms message that first made me think something was wrong “Protect Beta at all costs”. I could have been a lure; Kralien’s haven’t used a trick like that for years now though, so I ordered a pursuit to discover what was happening. With our sensor systems severely limited by spacial distortions, it was hard first to piece together the mess in sector 10. It soon became evident we had warped right into a full blown Caltron incursion. The division fought hard, against Kraliens and Caltrons alike. It was the distress call that threw us all though.

    In times of such difficult decisions, I always find myself thinking back to the founding principles of the TSN.

    To protect those in their hour of need.

    It is why the TSN was born. Those great captains of old, who protected those in dire need against the first interstellar attacks. But what if those in most dire need are the sworn enemies of the USFP? To me…

    …it still stands. To pick and choose who to protect and who to leave is a dangerous game to play. And so, against the advice of my captains, we helped.

    It is in times like these that the division is truly tested. Its command officers are tested… do they adhere to the principles, saving an enemy they have fought against time and again. The officers too. Those who have seen comrades fall in bitter struggles. Some who joined after living in fear. Those with family, friends, ancestors, who have all fallen to attacks by the hegemony. The discipline of the officers was tested; the loyalty of the commanders; the bonds that tie us to one-another, forged in the heat of battle.

    What an honour it is to command such officers.

    Now we must face the wider implications of my decision. The transport ship had only civilians aboard that were evacuated from the station and the kraliens were true to their word, sending us vital intelligence data about the caltron threat. Perhaps something will come from the truce we struck and the assistance provided, even if it only alleviates tension with the kralien forces in this area. If anything, we are acting as a buffer and potential ally against the caltrons, so an attack by the kraliens will only help to weaken their own position and make them vulnerable. Our assets are much more significant in this area too it seems – the kraliens using the rifts in the Baryon nebula for transit purposes only.

    Time will tell of course. In the meantime… we’ll prepare for the unexpected.

    Matthew Vaj

    // Excellent log, thanks for taking the time to write it up!

    Blaze Strife

    //Always glad to see more of these pop up! Especially from such a unique perspective. Have you already started work on the principles?


    //Yes, first one – protect those in their hour of need.

    I might alter that slightly in terms of exact wording.

    As for the rest of them…. I think we should look through our history for inspiration. According to TSN Canon, the TSN was formed after the attacks on New Lhasa (its slightly different to official Artemis canon). The honour was given to the terran fleet because even they stayed and fought on whilst other fleets retreated or were destroyed.

    I suppose, we also need to think about the proper role of the TSN. Unlike star trek, I’d say we are pretty military orientated rather than being a scientific and exploration fleet. We could also draw on inspiration frok the oath.

    Everything is adaptable though, so we can make it what we want by tweaking things here and there. I am open to suggestions.

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