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    Log of Ensign and Wing Commander Feil, TSN Dauntless CV-310.

    It’s been an interesting week. I’m currently pacing around the ship to bleed off nervous energy and regretting that I wasn’t made ADO.
    Instead I got another advancement.
    It’s all official now. I was promoted to Ensign and given the title of Wing Commander of the Dauntless. It feels good.
    It would feel better if I wasn’t currently speaking this log into a comm device transmitting to my personal Fighter, Skull One, while I stalk the hallways of the Hunter.

    That’s right, once more our lack of Officers has fucked us and we don’t have the crew to man the Dauntless. It’s too bad we had to leave Verok behind when we left. He’d be pushing for us to take the Carrier out. Not that Van Leigh doesn’t but the Commander has more pull.
    My attempt to be ADO was a calculated move to do away with the issue that plagues the Dauntless.
    If I got the job I could assign enough Officers to the Carrier to have a full crew and Flight Deck.
    Blaze got the job instead. Hopefully he’ll be on the same page as me in the future.

    Superstition would dictate that this situation falls on me, because in my last log I said that it wasn’t a bad thing that our Advanced sensor arrays had been taken offline by the Hjorden. My reasoning being that the Hunter would go out and live up to its classification, and scout.
    Little did I know that I’d find myself in the helmsman chair of it. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the Hunter personally. It just isn’t Skull One.

    Now so I don’t forget my brilliance later I have to pat myself on the back. I mentioned that I was streaming this log back to Skull One. Now if anyone read my log, in the case that I died on assignment which is possible, they’d think I was recklessly transmitting comms an unknown number of lightyears back to where Dauntless is sitting.
    They would be wrong.
    One of the perks of being Dauntless Wing Commander, and by extension the Wing Commander of the 4th Light Division, is the maintenance crew of Dauntless have to humor my more insane requests.
    So instead of one of its crappy fighters hanging off the external docking clamp of the Monty like some kind of garish ornament, Skull One is currently taking that spot. And I’m transmitting on the same frequently that TSN Wings use to transmit tactical data. Directly on to the Black Box with Mundy’s encryption running.
    I’ll probably have to share this little hack with Mundy at some point. I know she’d appreciate having a secure way to sneak files to and fro.

    After his time with the Xim, Fleet Captain Xavier elected to mix things up a little and start us off with a Sim on different ships.
    The crew of the Dauntless was moved onto the Hunter and I took over the SciComms.
    I had a familiar argument with Blaze, who was manning tactical, about the need to fire torpedoes like crazy from the Hunter.
    It has the best engine in the fleet and produces power like no other. We could easily fire off every torpedo we have and then make more and have the engine not blink because it’d just recharge the capacitors we draw energy from.

    One fun thing I did was I taunted a fleet of Kraliens and Torgoth, maybe also an Arvonian, to fly blindly at us into a black hole. Sims may lack the realism of actual engagements but watching them fly into an event horizon never stops being fun.
    We finished up the sim by assisting the Monty with taking down the last enemy formation. The Hunter rocketed through their ranks and let out a mine. Monty cleaned up what was left with its beams.

    After debriefing and we were told, unfortunately, that we were going back on the Hunter.
    This time I indulged my specialization and took the Helm.
    It was a Live Fire Exercise.
    Commander Van Leigh had us zipping around enemy formations to get a passive scan of each groups makeup for the Division, along with the occasional EMP launched to soften up the targets.
    This assisted the Raven greatly as they just headed into the enemy fleet swinging and we provided what fire support that the Hunter can.

    An Officer I didn’t recognize the voice of came over the Comms and told Commander Van Leigh that if we could get to the next group of enemies first that the Commander would have command of the fleet for that engagement.
    Challenge Accepted.
    Hunter rocketed across the sector at Warp 3, barely draining the capacitors, and actually over shot the baddies.
    Van Leigh concluded that we were still there first and he had dibs. The rest of the bridge crew agreed.

    At that point we were out of EMPs so we just taunted and harassed while the rest of the Division did the heavy lifting.
    In the end I saw that through everything the Hunter’s energy reserve never went below 84%.

    With the exercise over we had a briefing. The Intel was that Moonsec had their own secret gate hiding out in space that would take us to their R&D station. There we could get the info we needed to clear all our names and prove that they were dangerously stupid in their ambitions and plans to use Caltrons as weapons or make something like them.

    With a heavy heart I marched onto the Hunter and took my seat at the Helm console. It was decided to leave the Dauntless behind for this one.
    Before we set out I had the Maintenance crew aboard Dauntless swap out one of Monty’s fighters for Skull One.
    Thankfully the crew of the Monty is so unused to Fighter operations that they just took it at face value that their Fighter needed work before the mission began.
    The fact that none of them took a look out a window to see that it was an entirely different fighter doesn’t hurt, either.

    It was a long trek through the stars. The kind where I have a hard time following what is going on because I’m more concerned with getting the ship there then keeping records of how I did it.

    We went to the Cerberus system. There we encountered a Skarran passing through the sector that houses the Atlantis gate. The need to keep what we were doing secret meant that the Skarran ship had to be destroyed.
    Next we used the Krisenda gate and continued to sneak. Our heading was 270 from kris gate where we then did a few sector transitions.

    Finally we found a sector with some dense nebula and started scouting. Around sector D1 the Hunter found it. A undocumented gate with encryption locking us out. This is what we were looking for. The front door to Moonsec’s hidden R&D station.
    We found other ships in the sector and had to run them to ground.
    Hunter ran down R24 but I’m not sure what happened. It was unclear if our Marines boarded them or if we just disabled their engines and comms.

    With the distraction taken care of we made our way through the gate. We didn’t expect what we found.
    Six stations, surrounded by nebula, space rocks, and a double layered minefield.
    Van Leigh’s idea was to use the speed and size of the Hunter to sneak among the stations and threaten to blow them to hell if they didn’t comply.
    Thankfully Xavier decided it was better to camp in the nebula where they couldn’t detect us and come up with a better plan.

    I’m starting not too feel great as I walk around, I’ve been making my way toward the Medbay. I’ve been seeing Van Leigh getting worse and I have to wonder, is he contagious?

    *Soon after Ensign Feil was found face down in the hallway by a crewman and was rushed to the Medbay. His condition is declining and he’s being worked on by the Chief Medical Officer of the Hunter*

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    Blaze Strife

    //You’re getting better at writing these logs. Bravo!

    //I might trust you more next time, and consider your suggestions more closely. 🙂 It’s quite possible you were right, and that we could’ve used the torpedoes and make new ones, but I decided not to risk it, with our captain fainting and the three cadets on board.

    //Just to let you know, Commander Verok caught up with us in a Missile Cruiser Mark II (or the refitted TSN Dauntless) and some other officers.


    //@blaze thank you. I’m working hard on these logs.
    Yeah the Hunter needs more experienced crew.
    I’m happy to know that Verok made it back. He was missed.
    And @mundy, I mentioned you in this log so you should know now about that hack I made up.

    John van Leigh

    //Indeed she does. I love scouts, and my methods fit quite well with them, but to perform really well you need people that know their stations already and who can coordinate together; we had more cadets than any ship should ever have, an XO who was way too junior for his post (to be honest, I didn’t expect Blaze to do half as well as he did: he outperformed people who should have a lot more experience in that spot), and a captain who barely could talk, much less give coherent orders. But if we keep both Thunder and Dauntless we won’t have the numbers for Hunter just now. The carrier eats way too much crew, and I have no idea what ONI is planning to do with the new ship.


    // @delpino If I’m hearing correctly that Xavier is going to be gone for new next few shifts, the Thunder will probably be mothballed for a bit. Since I doubt I’m going to allowed to command it.

    Adele Mundy

    @feil, yes, got it. Sneaky!

    John van Leigh

    // @aramond, it depends. Last time our numbers were rather low, and the week before they were extremely high. If we have absences in the senior staff, the junior officers get pushed into command/XO seats (and the reasoning could get as simple as “who the hell is available” to “who do we want to get the experience while moving as few people as we can”). If the junior officers are few, we mothball ships. If both senior and junior officers are missing, we improvise.

    //The two more pressing HHRR issues we’re having right now are whether or not to keep Thunder, which in fact breaks down into a storyline issue and thus we don’t know what’s gonna happen. I can tell you, on the other hand, that we discussed a lot who deserved a permanent chair on that ship resulting on the current assignment, so (and this is merely my own personal especualation) we’ll probably keep her around for some time. I don’t know if permanently, and in fact I doubt it, but for a couple of weeks at least. The second issue is what to do with Dauntless. Verok worked a lot in modding her so that she’s workable even without fighters, but I’m not sure his modifications are approved or when we’ll be seeing them on the field. Still, we generally agree that, if Dauntless is to remain a carrier, two conditions have to be met: she has to be a carrier permanently, in order not to break inmersion and to prevent ourselves from making idiotic mistakes out of not getting a consistant ship; and we need to get priority on crew assignments.

    Blaze Strife

    //Manning the Dauntless fully would mostly mean losing another ship, since we usually don’t have enough people for 4 ships and fighter pilots. Another issue is that there was not much enthusiasm about flying the fighters, other than Feil’s.

    I believe it would be best to keep Dauntless as a carrier, but on the Dry Dock. We will probably sometimes have an opportunity to take her out for mission from time to time, but I doubt it’s beneficial to keep the situation as it is.


    //Perhaps we keep the Dauntless and Thunder as “situational” ships. If there’s a mission where we know fighters and/or a jump-capable ship could be useful (as well as have the officers to crew them) then we pull them out of dry dock. Of course, then there’s the issue of the crew being out of practice…

    Blaze Strife

    //That’s what sims are for: practice.


    Technically, the Rolling Thunder is only on loan to us from the Ximni. Now we have access to the ship and know what it can do, we can accurately program our simulators. As for taking it on a real mission and into combat… well that will depend on how we are getting on with the Ximni. As they are “neutral” towards us, depending on the political climate we could one day find ourselves fighting against the Rolling Thunder and other ships like her.


    // @blaze your right about that. All these other losers at like they’ll get a disease from flying a fighter. What we really need so to earmark the next 2 to 4 cadets to be Dauntless crew. When we have a full crew of six plus myself we don’t launch because it’s not worth it. Just two more pilots would resolve the issue. And then if we got four we’ve have a full Fighter Wing to send out and tear anything to shreds.
    // @admin Hmm, Us against the Thunder. That is a fight I’d want to see or be a part of. Unrelated question, I left it open ended if my trip to the med bay was related to Van Leigh’s illness so that I could give you a possible story thread for later. You want me to say it was unrelated or keep it open ended in case you want to use it later?

    John van Leigh

    //Your choice. My connection is getting better already (still has issues, but not as bad as the last couple of weeks), but if you want to make it related somehow, feel free to.

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