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    Log of Acting Ensign and Wing Commander Feil, TSN Dauntless CV-310.

    We have been getting use to living on our ships, away from the comforts of our Command Space Station. Thankfully the tourism trade for the Hjorden is big enough business that I can get just about everything I need, some of it cheaper then the BX back at Promethium Command.
    Speaking of buying stuff, I just got back from the bar. I had a nice chocolate tasting drink. It reminded me of a chocolate malt. It was recommended by Lt. Mundy. She, thankfully, agreed to encrypt these logs so they will remain safe from anyone until such time as we are vindicated for Xavier’s crusade and they can be personal logs but not proof of treason.

    News from our hosts has been mostly positive. They aren’t turning us over an we are welcome to stay until our issues have been dealt with or the TSN comes a knockin’.
    We’ve been told on no uncertain terms that if trouble follows us to their door step, that we’re getting tossed out on our asses to fend off the wolves alone. Understandable.
    Now one decision that came down from our Hosts that groaned about by much of the senior officers is the Hjordens asked us to take our Beagle 3 advanced sensor array offline for all the ships. This cuts down on how far our sensors can reach.
    Personally I didn’t see the problem. Now the Hunter can live up to its purpose and Scout.

    The last duty shift started out well enough… who am I kidding? It was a terrible.
    We were doing a live fire exercise because we don’t currently have access to Promethium Command’s sim rooms.
    On the Dauntless, because a lack of enough pilots(again), we reset our consoles to be that of the Mk2 Missile Cruiser. Score one for TSN adjustable consoles. We were able to use dummy ships for the enemy fleet and use the Hjorden stations system to keep everything coordinated. At least that was the theory.
    In practice it was a fucking nightmare. Consoles crashing on every ship every few minutes. Unable to get any real practice in due to the incompatibility between our computers.
    And someone on the Monty decided to piss me off. I was running the Engineering console for the practice but I had my LRS up so I could remain apprised of the situation. And what should I see but the Monty had launched a fighter. We can’t get enough pilots on the Dauntless if we were giving away promotions and those assholes have the balls to sortie a fighter from the Dreadnought’s external docking clamp?!

    Fuck ranks and regs, we’re traitors now anyway. So if I find out who ordered a Fighter launched while we have our ESCORT CARRIER(!) masquerading as a Missile Boat, I’ll kill ’em. I’ll vent their ass and then vaporize them with my fighter. It’ll be good target practice.

    Rage inducting stupidity aside. We finally took a break while the real Engineers and Science Officers did a hot fix to get the two alien computer systems to play nice.
    With the brake over, it seems that Van Leigh scared up some more Officers from other ships. Suddenly I was ordered to report to the Flight Deck where I had Cadet Kat and Lt. Assassino under my command. There was another Officer whose name escapes me. He couldn’t fighter pilot today. When he tried to import his console preferences to the Fighter’s controls, it didn’t work. He was dead stick upon leaving the Flight Deck. We had to tractor his ass back in and he was shuttled to a different ship to do something else.
    The Man was very apologetic. I told him that it happens and not to worry about it.

    Blaze was acting CAG and had us sortie a few times. Nothing impressive. Just some Kraliens. We made short work of them.
    And then the Skarrans attacked.
    Suddenly we were flipping switches on our controls to turn it from sim settings to for realizy settings.
    For whatever reason the Skarrans had a beef with the Hjordens. The 4th Light Division is always up for kicking Skarran ass and we needed to do something to repay their kindness. So we did what we do.

    The only problem is when we launched against some Skarrans that were targeting the Dauntless and were able to outrun both our missiles and our Mallard Fighters. Blaze told me to chase after them and I told him an old hunter adage, “Chase the head, not the tail”.
    Meaning I could chase those assholes to the end of the universe and I’d never catch them. I needed to go to where they were going to be, not where they were. Finally, I worked out for myself where they would cross my path, did a hard 90 degree turn, and hit the boosters.
    It worked. The Dauntless’s flight away from them lead the Skarran right into my path where I was able to start laying into it with my lasers. I’d already spend all my missiles.
    Lesson learned: Don’t be afraid to use missiles but don’t blow your wad too early.
    Another lesson learned: Badger Allard until he upgrades the boosters on the Mallards. If they had faster boosters we could launch from farther out of engagements and chase Skarrans.

    We tried and approved a new protocol for launching fighters. What we were doing is when CAG called for a launch everyone frantically tried to get out as fast as possible. This let to people being in the wrong fighter and was a headache.
    Now we look for the person to launch ahead of us before launching. It worked perfectly and will be the new procedure.

    After the invaders of the Hjorden sector of space had been routed, I had to be taken to the medbay. I wasn’t feeling well and I put Assassino in charge. I told him to provide me with the report on how the Fighter Wing did but he hasn’t coughed it up yet.
    I might have to hunt him down.

    Turns out I missed Xavier returning in a Xim Light Cruiser like Gandolf or the Jesus allegory lion from the Narnia books.
    It’s been good for morale that he returned. Now we can move forward with our mission to stop moonsec from getting us all killed by an ass load of Caltrons.

    My downtime has been spent reading my romance stories and going over my fighter to see if I can get any more performance out of it. So far no change.
    My PT suffered a little this week. I didn’t do as much on the stationary bike because it’s getting tedious. I might start throwing some jumping jacks in for variety.
    I see Mundy coming this way now. Hopefully she won’t judge me too harshly for all my videos, movies, audio dramas, romance stories and soap operas I have stored on my black box when she encrypts this log and the previous one.

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    Adele Mundy

    // No judgement from Mundy! Feil has what amounts to a personal library and that is a good thing.

    //And of course the contents of Feil’s log are covered by the Librarians’ equivalent of doctor-patient privilege. Because the Paragon Librarians have a code of conduct, of course 🙂

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    // Loving the raw emotion in this, and hope you continue to write! Ill be especially starved for variety now that Matsiyan, Mundy, and I are all on the same ship.


    //@aramond You think this has raw emotion? I just threw in a few swears because I felt that without them it was a bit to PG of language for an adult officer and fighter pilot.
    Still, thank you for commenting and I’m glad you enjoyed it.


    //Alright, so maybe “raw” was the wrong word to use. There was a feeling of frustration, however, that I really dug.

    Adele Mundy

    @Feil, it’s not just the swearing, it’s the personal point of view, it feels as if it was written with a true sense that nobody else was ever going to read it.


    //hehehe, isn’t that the point of a personal log? You guys are a bunch of voyeurs, reading my logs and enjoying them as much as you do. It’s okay. I forgive you. 😉
    But seriously, when I start typing out my log I get into the zone and it just keeps coming until all my thoughts are covered.

    Adele Mundy

    //yes, that is the point. 🙂 But the logs simulate the way we’d know what the other crew members are thinking, just by virtue of living in such close quarters. Cool stuff!


    //And that insight helps you kind of become friends with your fellow Officers. I know that I feel closer to Officers who write logs and go to the Bar then I do for Officers I rarely see. Other wise I’d only really know Van Leigh and Blaze because we are crew mates so often.

    Adele Mundy


    Blaze Strife

    //That’s some nice rage you’ve got there.

    //The new launch protocol is a sweet idea.

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