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    Log entry of (Acting) Ensign Feil,

    It was made official today. I’m less of a scrub.

    I know I should feel good about, and in a way I do, but I still feel dwarfed by all the higher ranking officers.
    We didn’t have much news on Captain Xavier. The investigation is still on going to everything that happened. Still no word on the missing life pods that I know weren’t destroyed from the Eagle’s Long Range Sensors.
    Before the briefing started the substitute division commander was introduced, it was an officer named Commander Brenner.
    The chain of command should have had command fall to Captain Evans but he was unable to take command on this shift for some reason.

    After the briefing, a standard patrol was called for to secure a sector, it was time for a sim to get very one ready for the main mission.

    Without a permanent assignment(yet) I waited in the Briefing Room until DO Finley assigned me to helm the Hunter.
    This was a new experience as the only experience I have with scout vessel is what I’ve read and what I’ve heard. Both of which added up to the ship being frail and weak.
    Because of this during the sim I flew this ship as if it was made of fine china, fearing getting even in a Kralien’s firing arc. At one point CO Van Leigh had us do a mine drop. We got through it well enough but went all was said and done, myself, Slate(Weapons), and XO Finley were in agreement when advising Van Leigh that if he intends to perform a mine run that we should use an EMP fires to soften up the formation.
    Commander Van Leigh stated his reason for not doing this was he wanted to save that in case he needed it. It was pointed out that if the Hunter runs out of EMPs and needs one, we can always call the Eagle for a quick bit of assistance.

    With the sim completed in a victory and my confidence in the strength of the little scout built up, we were to proceed into the Volantis System to patrol and secure TSN holdings there.
    This never quite happened.

    I’d be lying if I said I had a good recall of what followed.
    We weren’t even out of the sector when space was torn a new one and Caltrons flooded out like angry yellow jackets from an underground nest.
    CO Van Leigh picked out a group of mostly the single and a few triple Caltron ships to harass. Slate launched an EMP and coordinated with me for a mine run. We finished off what was left with the single front mounted beam.

    The rest of the mission was flying around space, getting the attention of the Caltrons, keeping that attention with beams, out running and shooting down drones.
    I saw that the Eagle had gone down and asked the CO if he wanted to grab the life pods, he said that the Raven could handle it.
    The harassment strategy worked, we kept all the groups of Caltrons we encountered busy chasing us until the fleet could take them out.

    In the aftermath of the mission we learned that the active fleet now consisted of the Raven and the Hunter. The Eagle, Lancer, and Excalibur had all been disabled in the melee and their crews forced to abandon ship.

    It’s hard to believe three of our mightiest ships went down.

    During the Hunter’s debriefing, Slate asked CO Van Leigh why he hadn’t order more torpedoes fired. The CO was under the impression that we’d been feeding them into the engine core to keep us going.
    Myself and Engineer Finley pointed out that we never once dropped below 80% power, and I said that we only dropped below 90% when I heard the urgency in Van Leigh’s voice to get to the other side of the sector to scout the enemy and decided that the order for Warp Two was better off as a Warp Three. After admitting such I apologized but the CO was understanding and said that if it got us where we needed to go and didn’t deplete our energy much, that I did the right thing. No harm, no foul.
    Due to the Hunter’s engines ability to build power reserves, I foresee CO Van Leigh being more liberal with the torpedoes in the future. Hoping to be on the Weapons Control the next time he Captains the Scout.

    We had almost no rest between the ‘victory'(?) against the Caltrons and a sim that the brass felt was needed to get the Division back some confidence after having our collective asses stomped.
    I was eager to be aboard the Raven or the simulated Lancer until I noticed that the Dauntless was being prepped.

    I knocked someone over in my dash to get to the 4th LDs Escort Carrier. Not sure who.
    Requesting permission to come aboard from Commander Verok, it was granted. I wasted no time in requesting to be Wing Commander for the duration of the sim. The Commander agreed, but not before checking with a pair of unexpected guests if that was alright with them. Commander Brenner and Commander Jemel had come aboard, with the sim only having the Dauntless, Raven, and Lancer, we had an abundance of Officers, and Brenner and Jemel took up spots next to me in the flight deck.

    For the first time in since the Dauntless arrived at Promethean Command we had a full wing of pilots. I was ecstatic. Finally I could proof myself as an adequate Wing Commander and we’d have enough Mallard Fighters in the air to do proper force projection.
    Blaze made some questionable choices as CAG. He insisted that when it was time for Fighter assignment that fighter 5, the last fighter, take lowest numbered fighter. So Fighter 5 would be in TSN Mallard 1 instead of Mallard 5.
    This went against what we have found to work reliably in the past and Commander Jemel agreed that it was a bit backward as Wing Commander would be the first launched.
    It wasn’t worth arguing but it will be included in my write up about division development. Along with the fact that the Wing was constantly being launched a bit too close into the enemies firing arcs.

    We were able to get around these handicaps and clean clock. Thankfully in the time we’ve been running sorties Commander Verok has learned which targets the Mallards are the apex predator of, Kraliens and Torgoth.
    Sure the Fighters in a full wing can take down Arvonians without too much trouble as long as the Carrier uses Mines or other tactics to destroy the waves of Arvonian Fighters, but the Kraliens and the Torgoth need the least support by the Carrier for the Fighters to tear through them.
    They didn’t stand a chance and the end tally shows it.


    This brings up something else I’ll have to mention in the Division Development for the Fighters.
    We need a recruitment drive to get us more pilots and train them.
    Commander Jemel and I have the most hours in the cockpit and it shows.
    If I had two or three more pilots at on the regular with those kind of honed skills, we’d be a force to be reckoned with.

    I was feeling good after this success, brimming with energy I decided to do some PT.
    The health of the other Officers is something I’ve wondered as of late because of how often they seem to be in the bar and nowhere else.

    PT and me don’t get along very well. Mostly because the best PT is cardio and the best cardio is running. I despise running. It is a reminder of how small and slow we all are when compared to everything around us. Normally I do a stationary bike, then I can look over holo-novels and listen to audio romance books, read up on my manuals, those kind of things. Or I practice Kung Fu and get lost in the motions.
    But this work out was special. Some crazy/ingenious cadets flooded a lecture theatre in Deck 13.

    Olympic sized pool? Count me in. Thankfully the Cadets were so terrified that I’d rat them out that they gave me a wide birth and I had plenty of room to swim laps.
    At least I did until someone let it slip and Captain Evans came by to order the hall drained.
    I don’t think he noticed me. I was able to submerge and hold my breath for over 2 minutes before I had to surface or blackout. When I came up he was gone and the Cadets were moving with a purpose.

    Easy come, easy go.


    This is the tally after the sim.


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    Blaze Strife

    //This was nicely written, well done.


    Blaze made some questionable choices as CAG. He insisted that when it was time for Fighter assignment that fighter 5, the last fighter, take lowest numbered fighter. So Fighter 5 would be in TSN Mallard 1 instead of Mallard 5.

    //Wrong. The other way around was what I was saying. Sorry if I was not clear enough. I just wanted the fighter numbers to be in the order you’re in on TeamSpeak, so you guys among yourselves don’t try to take the same ship. That’s all. As a CAG, I really do not care what number you fly in, as long as I know who the Wing Commander is. The way you took the numbers, as can be seen on your image, is good, in my opinion.


    The health of the other Officers is something I’ve wondered as of late because of how often they seem to be in the bar and nowhere else.

    //Hahahah @Aramond @delPino @Matsiyan @Mundy


    //Love the pool adventure. Now I’ve seen it mentioned several times, but I have no clue if it’s something that happened on TeamSpeak, or what. Care to clarify?

    John van Leigh

    Of course we drink a lot! We bridge officers have to deal with a bunch of fighter madmen flying around us, that’s nerve shattering.

    //Forums. Matsiyan was joking around about a group of cadets that flooded a lecture hall and Fish continued by ordering it clean.

    Adele Mundy

    //After the singing in the Galley before missions, some of the young officers were inspired… the cadets were secretly rehearsing the new script for the operetta The Pirates of Penwrath Corporation, in a lecture theatre that was scheduled for restructuring, and so temporarily closed. Matsiyan joked about flooding it by connecting it to hydroponics, and some enterprising young spark overheard him and took him literally… Capt. Evans was not amused.
    //Follow the whole exciting soap operetta in one of the Bar discussions!
    //The Bar 2416-2237

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    Blaze Strife

    //I plan to read the whole Bar topic and the personal logs of the last shift on the day of the next shift. Please, no spoilers. 😛


    The way I see it, I’d rather drink beer than chlorine. 😛

    //Nicely written, Feil.

    Adele Mundy

    //@Blaze, no spoilers, but we’re not in Kansas any more, one might say. Plan a way to join us next shift, like personal transport.


    // We could have bundled him aboard while none of the brass were watching, after we found him passed out drunk. That fits with how much time we all spend in the bar and means he doesn’t have to explain to us how he got here, just an excuse for the brass 🙂 😉

    Blaze Strife

    //Nah, I’ll probably connect it to my stay in MedBay, maybe some rehab, or my real-life engagement from the past weekend.

    Adele Mundy

    //Blaze, but that doesn’t explain how you got from MedBay on station to… where we are now. Which is not on our station. Read the logs. Things have happened.


    // The issue is that the division is not where you left it. You need an excuse to be several systems away 🙂

    Blaze Strife

    //I get that. I’ll read the story on Friday, and think of something. But I don’t think being dragged away while drunk is the way to go. 😛


    //@blaze, I wanted to say sorry for my confusion.
    I also want to thank @matsiyan, @mundy, @aramond, @delpino, and Blaze for reading and commenting. It’s encouraging to know that these log entries are getting looked at and not just going into the ether.

    Adele Mundy

    I enjoy reading them all. Sometimes I don’t comment, but you’re right, it’s nice to know your effort went somewhere other than the void, so from now on I ‘ll tell people I’ve read them!

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