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    About the Department
    The Intel Department is a branch of ONI, responsible for planning and preparing new story arcs as well as carrying them out. Intel officers share and discuss ideas to come up with each new season or mini story arc. Longer seasons are planned in ‘episodes’, with each episode linking to the next and detailing key story elements, mission ideas, possible events and the resources required. Intel officers participate in planning and preparing these episodes and all their resources, sharing key story points with the rest of the officers through forum posts or IC discussion in the shift.

    Some of the things an intel officer might do in their role include:
    – making suggestions about a story arc/ episode
    – creating forum posts linked with the current arc/episode
    – sharing information with the CiC department to create missions for shifts
    – IC discussion with other officers on the forums and duty shifts to communicate key story elements
    – preparing resources such as maps, new ships, logs
    – working with officers in the Fleet News Service to help with content
    – more senior intel officers might also plan whole episodes or seasons

    If you’re interested in becoming an Intel officer, post here or message me (Xavier) on Discord. It doesn’t matter what rank you currently hold, or if you are already a member of one of the other departments. The only requirement is that you are ready and willing to participate and want to help contribute. Intel officers will eventually have their own career progression track, running parallel to other career progression tracks such as the main rank system and the new CiC ranks.

    Hari Seldon

    Is this community still active? Interested in joining.

    Adele Mundy

    @Seldon, yes, this community is active, though things go a little quiet in summer as people take time off. Official shifts take place on Saturdays, from 20.00 to 24.00 UTC (9 pm to 1 am in the UK at the moment, with summer time).
    We’ll be happy to help in any way!


    Hi @Seldon, welcome. The community is active. We run multiple ships together each shift. The forums are a little less active and used for more formal, in-character or long-term archiving. Take a look at the Personal logs and ONI reports to see where the plot has been going.

    There is more continuous out-of-character contact through our Discord chat server. Come and say “Hi”

    Cdr. Matsiyan, O.N.I. C.O. TSN Viper
    4th Light Division, 2nd Space Fleet

    Adele Mundy

    Since I’ve been involved in story plots anyway, I’d like to formalise that by joining the intel officers.


    You have? Oh is that why all the ideas have been popping up in my head? I thought I was unusually prolific!


    I’ve contributed in the past to story arcs.

    Clean up leftover rebel elements

    I’ve helped out with the Fleet News Service

    Enceladus robot evolution gone awry
    Pulse of the Imperium 10 (DeeOh)

    I’ve created some personal logs and other items on this site. Does this make me a member of the Intel Department or do I need to go through a formal application procedure of some kind?

    I’m ready and willing to participate and contribute. I will say real life trumps online life, but I’m sure leadership understands this.


    @Xansta, welcome to the Intel Officers. You now have Clearance Level M.


    I’m interested in shadowing a current ONI officer if that is permitted? (Cadet work experience :D).


    Hi Sebasti. We’re actually looking for recruits at the moment, so we’d love to show you what it’s all about.

    It’s far easier to talk, so what’s the best way to do this? If I recall, you’re UK based, so could we jump on Teamspeak at some point?

    I also seem to recall that you don’t use Discord. It’s not a problem but I wondered if you might share the reason?


    I’m generally on Teamspeak from 1600hrs to 2200hrs (I’m up far too late right now) but as I leave myself signed in I usually get whatever messages and of course I would be happy to talk.

    I have a habit of putting foot in mouth, so please excuse me if I take some time to try and figure out the right words to respond with.

    Discord Well, a long time ago, discord refused to run on my system at all. Then I changed operating systems (all hail the AUR…) and got discord working again. Sadly every account I’ve tried to use requires verification and Discord won’t accept any of my mobile numbers.


    Ok. I’ll try and get on tomorrow evening.

    That’s strange about Discord, I guess you could always try a support request. It’s not essential but it is used considerably some.

    Talk tomorrow.

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