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    Fish Evans

    The Following Message amoungst others was found on the TSN Hydra’s Black Box. This information is Classified at Level 3

    Message: #GNUCM008ENG001-55321112 — 050316.2238 22:51 UTC
    Priority: Normal
    Encryption:CLEAR TEXT
    Attachments: 51
    Message From: Agent Cessna (John Andre)
    To: USF command
    As I send this message agent del Pino and I are about to head home with a TSN missile ship. Hopefully I’ll see you in person soon. The last few months have been very difficult, even though the TSN is full of alien sympathisers I’ve grown to like some of them. They are very professional when it comes to combat, I’ve attached their combat orders and detailed specs for as many ships fighters as I could get my hands on to this message. I hope the medical supplies helped the cause if they made it back to you. I know we were sent in without knowing the other agents but an earlier message of who my co conspirators are would have been nice. I passed as much blame from my activities onto del Pino as I could, nearly blowing his cover before I received the message. Although the attractive young red shirt that delivered it was very good. I almost didn’t realise it was her that had left me the message. I managed to become a security officer ’looking for infiltrators’ I’ll have to tell Mata, she’ll find that funny. The nanites worked well but I don’t think that will work again the TSN seem very good at closing the barn door after the horse as bolted, but they do use big bolts to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The skutters are assisting us to prep the ship I’ll have to go soon. We will go the long way home and destroy or cripple any TSN ships that try to stop us. This ship will be my retirement gift to you and the cause, I want out after this. Tell Mata and the kids I love them and will be home soon, I’ll take them all on a camping trip to the coast, or better than that we will all go first class. We should be back within a couple of days…..
    ——————-MESSAGE END—————–


    //Sounds like he recognized the “attractive young redshirt,” it’s possible these two were only the tip of the iceberg…

    Nice choice of John Andre, is Del Pino going to turn out to be Benedict Arnold? Perhaps there’s an Argentinian traitor or spy that would be more fitting.

    John van Leigh

    //Argentine history is full of idiots and spectacular failures, but most betrayals were driven more by stupidity than proper evil.

    I already sent Fish my records (there’s no way I can put them on character), but I tried to place my motives closer to vengeance for an incident that happened when I was serving elsewhere.

    Blaze Strife

    //I love how the message humanized Cessna. One wonders if we’re the bad guys, after reading that.

    Adele Mundy

    // Do we have records of whether del Pino and Cessna took any of the enlisted crew on the Hydra, or were they running it fully automated? The logs give different impressions, and it would make a difference to how we react.

    John van Leigh

    //For a simple logical reason there should be some NPC hands on the Hydra: unless ordered, I’m sure someone had to remain there. Either sleeping on quarters, an engineer finishing a system check, a damcon changing a lightbulb… I just can’t imagine a cruiser being perfecly empty at any time. Then again, the ship was on dock and there wasn’t any reason to remain combat ready, so I’d say even less people that needed for a skeleton crew.

    If there were any officers on board, I don’t think they would have mutineed if the XO suddenly starts ordering a sortie with the captain away. I’m not sure people outside the bridge would be aware of what’s going on with the big picture, so they wouldn’t even know what killed them. I could have just lied and say those were TSN ships stolen by the Unakalhai.

    Blaze Strife

    //I also think there would be at least some crew aboard. 10-20 people, if we’re going with the numbers. And unless they were on bridge or somewhere where they can see outside, they wouldn’t know what’s happening. If however, they managed to see outside, there’s probably not much they could’ve done, or perhaps they saw too late.

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