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    STARDATE 23618-2237


    On Stardate 161217-2237 4LD were in close proximity to an experiment in co-locating the five Forerunner Artefacts aka the Kralien Holy Relics, in the Poseidon Rift. The resulting energy wave opened an unstable hyperspatial interface with a number of similarities to a jump gate terminus especially as used by AI Caltron units.

    All division crew suffered blackouts in excess of normal Jump stress. On recovering consciousness they found themselves on different ships wearing different uniforms, and in fact, in different bodies. The most obvious evidence of that was Commander Aramond’s eyepatch in place of his cybernetic eye. But everyone found subtle differences in hair care, skin and muscle tone, taste perceptions and combat scars.

    The ships had extensive systems damage but were structurally intact. This is consistent with uncontrolled Jump transit energy fluctuations. The ships strongly resembled Unukalhai designs as did the uniforms, claiming to represent the Terran Stellar Empire.

    Further discovery was interrupted by the approach of Kralien patrols. Systems were repaired barely in time to allow the division to protect it’s supply ship, Grant. That engagement was the first of the casualties.

    The region of space was unknown to our astrogation analysis. Slow but growing access to computer archives revealed different historical documentation. Each officer found discrepancies in their service records; name, rank, previous postings, academy achievements and personal correspondence. For example Lt. Cdr. Mundy excelled in firearms rather than bladed weapons. At this point, the theory formed that we were in a different dimension, our consciousness actually exchanged with our counterparts in this alternate reality.

    From memory, since we have no physical evidence or remnant of the other universe, the archives revealed the following:

    Key historical events of the Unukalhai Stellar Imperium

    Decline of the USFP 2212-2213
    The Unukalhai Uprising was successful. The military took control and established a second class of citizenship for all non-humans.
    Rise of the generals 2215-2219 The First Spiral Arm War
    A major purge of opposition sympathizers took place when there was dissent over starting the war. The war effort was used to ruthlessly control population and production.
    Creation of the Imperium 2220 The Ximni Civil War
    When the Ximni changed sides, there was general agreement among the military Junta that the remotest chance of an ultra-democracy such as the Ximni should be crushed and the USFP planets were “eager” to declare the most charismatic of wartime generals Emperor after some unfortunate accidents and bureaucratic snafus on worlds that were not. This was born out by the start of the Ximni Civil War.
    The Imperial Throne
    Marcus Cole was invested as Emperor on Jan 1st 2221 creating the Unukalhai Stellar Empire and the Imperial Stellar Navy.
    Cole is the eldest son of human supremacists who founded the New Praetoria colony in the wake of the mysterious first Rikti invasion of the Paragon Colony. Born in 2167 he entered the TSN at the age of 17 determined to gain military skills to overcome the persistent Resistance movement that was always a thorn in the side of the New Praetorian government. This he eventually achieved by relocating the Imperial capital from the increasingly inconvenient historical location of Terra to the advanced shipyards of New Praetoria in 2226.
    Imperial power was cemented by the necessity of waging a successful campaign during the Second Spiral Arm War of 2231 and by the secession of all significant opposition who allied themselves with the Ximni and the mysterious N’tani nomadic galactic traders. This coalition centred around the newly recreated Union of Space-Faring Planets governed by a democratically elected Senate of Terran and sympathetic non-humans, protected by the Terran Senatorial Navy.

    The division had actually arrived in the Antara system. It attempted to establish a secure base in an abandoned mining settlement but it inadvertently broke the terms of a localized truce between the Kraliens and independent human settlers outside Imperial territory. Despite attempting to assist the local “Heptanite” human population in resisting imperial privateers and evacuating to avoid aggrieved Kralien reprisals, ultimately the locals destroyed the Stormhold refuge and drove the division back into Imperial space. The Empire’s reputation engendered only distrust.

    Further research into the archives:

    Status of the Spinward Marches

    The Imperium made a smart move in colonizing the lightly populated Cerberus system as quickly as possible after the ceasefire that ended the 2nd Spiral Arm War. The Kraliens, egged on by the belligerent Torgoths made increasing complaints about this

    Taking advantage of tensions elsewhere, involving the Ximni/Terran/N’tani Alliance, the Hegemony took control of Cerberus in late 2235 and since then the Imperium started preparing to retake the system. They had recently reinforced the Promethean and Atlantis Commands and prepared the 2nd Space Flotilla’s 4th Hunter Group to begin the task of reconnoitering and harassing the Hegemony forces.

    This was complicated by the Kralien interest in evicting the Hjorden people from their own system and the fact that they have called up the Alliance for support. There was a three way conflict shaping up in the area.

    Initial probes into Kralien space succeeded in detecting and capturing several ancient Forerunner Artifacts. Some progress had been made in summoning and controlling small Caltrons. Imperial efforts were then bent whole-heartedly towards mastery of the Artifacts and their use to promulgate the war.

    The empire is based on principles of human supremacy, intolerance, and authoritarian rule recognizing very little in the way of liberty, self-determination, or the pursuit of happiness by its population. It may be a sweeping generalization, but it bore all the signs of a fascist dictatorship, heavily enforced by Imperial Navy Intelligence and their elite psionic unit in the Emperor’s guard, the Omnipotent Azure Legion.

    Returning to Imperial space the division pretended to be their alter-egos for as long as possible while researching a way home. Imperial Stellar Navy doctrine however, called upon crews to follow rules of engagement inconsistent with TSN codes of conduct. The division attempted to avoid such conduct and cover it up, to the extent of destroying another ISN Hunter Group which murdered civilians. Ultimately, the comms and sensor blackouts, glitches systems failures and evacuated dissidents united with the dissident rebels and their allies in the Terran Senatorial Navy, the Hjorden and N’tani, could not be covered up, despite the division’s otherwise excellent performance against Hegemony aggression. One young officer, Midshipwoman Harriet Hamilton, unable to reconcile her oath with the necessities of maintaining cover, went AWOL and sought sanctuary with the TSN where she found two other division officers (Verok and Parra) who had been thought lost in the first engagement, but had been rescued and made their way to the TSN.

    The division’s senior officers were detained and interrogated. Led by Lieutenant Senior Nathan Quinn, the junior officers deserted and with the help of the TSN rescued the SO’s and a leader of the dissident resistance.

    Using knowledge shared by this coalition of the desperate the division cut out the necessary Forerunner Artifacts to recreate the conditions for a return home. This was accomplished with all remaining personnel who had not fallen in action. The Artifacts were destroyed and the ships on the other side scuttled leaving the alter-egos to be captured by the Senatorial Navy.

    The division found themselves once more in damaged ships, familiar uniforms and bodies. They seemed to be the bait in an Unukalhai trap for a TSN strike force. Changing transponders and disregarding TSN disbelief, the division fought the Unukalhai and aided the strike force in extricating itself from the trap and fighting its way back to Atlantis system, surrendering itself to TSN jurisdiction and investigation.

    Currently no way presents itself to prove the above, but the surviving officers and crew of the proud 4th Light Division are determined to cooperate with TSN Command until such proof can be found, they can exonerated of all wrongdoing, and their records cleared.

    “I am an officer of the Terran Stellar Navy.

    It is my honor, my privilege, my duty to stand and serve the TSN
    and the United Space Faring Planets of which I am both citizen and guardian.

    My oath is never to turn from a right path, never to follow fear, never to enable an injustice.

    I will stand in truth, serve in honor, and fight with courage.

    I am the TSN.”



    We are home.
    Our records have been tarnished by alien mind control for the past several months.


    Find out how we can prove our innocence.


    Cooperate with the authorities.
    Exemplify in appearance, word, deed and thought, the very best of the TSN.

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