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    Leonard Hall


    STARDATE 12817-2237


    Following the destruction of WP-98, SY-55 and SY-170 during the Caltron attack on stardate 5817, pirate ships were able to acquire a significant portion of the materials dispersed from the station debris. TSN Sabre, and TSN Lancer, were dispatched to track down stolen material in Volantis, while TSN Horizon and TSN Viper, were sent to Cerberus.
    Battlegroup 1 was successful in obtaining the majority of the stolen components. A hidden temporary asteroid base was discovered in sector V, which the pirates were using to weather the ion storms. The base was destroyed. The fabrication arrays, being in relatively durable storage units, were recovered. Battlegroup 2 fought off a significant fleet of pirate ships before assistance from the local patrols arrived to help clean up. They found the remainder of the components.

    The alien artifact that caused the destruction of the TSN Raven was taken aboard a TSN freighter to be escorted to Atlantis Command. En route, in the Cerberus System, the small convoy was attacked by pirates, and issued a distress call, to which the 4LD responded quickly. CIC ordered the protection of the freighter at all costs. One pirate was able to get a couple of shots off at it, which caused an overload that led to a breach in the artifact’s containment field. Shortly after the breach occurred, radiation consistent with Caltron activity was detected. A singularity formed, releasing a few Caltron fleets into the system. The 4LD successfully scrambled to defend the convoy. The freighter crew were able to repair the containment field, and after the singularity folded in on itself, no more Caltrons appeared. The convoy continued on its way and the division returned to Promethean.

    The Division’s final operation this cycle involved another effort to aid the Zolmari Faction in its efforts to destabilize the Order. A coded transmission was received by ONI detailing that a high profile Zolmari agent had been exposed, and had to make flight into neutral space to avoid destruction. To that end the Division proceeded to the Hjorden system post haste to retrieve the agent and his findings. Local Hjorden security demands to submit to regular customs inspections were ignored in favor of a swift recovery of the Zolmari agent. When the Division arrived in sector II the agent’s transmission signals were tracked to a Hegemony freight vessel. Despite continued protests from the Hjorden to comply with their regulations and explain our presence, the Division continued until a Caltron rift appeared in sector. At this point, priority shifted to deal with the threat at hand. Meanwhile, the agent and his findings were recovered successfully. The Division quickly returned to USFP territory once all Caltrons were neutralized.



    Needless to say the Hjorden government was not exactly pleased with the intrusion of a full strength TSN Light Division into their territory. A formal protest has been lodged with the USFP consular offices. This will take some time to smooth over properly. In the meantime, it is likely that USF collaborators will be working to further strain Hjorden-USFP relations. All officers are expected to remain vigilant for any potential USF operatives inside the TSN.

    The Zolmari agent recovered from Hjorden has been debriefed, and has brought back interesting information. The Kralien Order has uncovered clues that lead to the location of an artifact similar to the two in our possession. Whether or not that artifact is related to ours is unknown, but our agent believes they are close to finding it, if they haven’t already.

    The agent also confirmed this is part of an ongoing Kralien Order initiative to seek out and take possession of Artifacts of the Kralien Gods. These are the Forerunner civilization that has been associated with the Caltrons and the two Artifacts currently in our possession from the Schroedinger and Raven incidents which represent enormously powerful, poorly understood and highly dangerous technology. The initiative is being driven by a particular group of Seers within the Order who claim to receive oracular visions from the gods.

    USF activity continues to spike recently due to growing xenophobic sentiment in the Terran citizenry of the USFP. ONI analysts suspect a major incursion somewhere in the Border Region soon.

    High-level operational planning is underway within ONI. These operations may include a very unorthodox modus operandi. Further information is withheld at this time to personnel of CL 1. CL 2 personnel shall receive advance notice of mission directives once fully planned out, and CL 3 personnel will be informed through the usual mission briefings as needed. CL 2 and lower personnel assigned to these unorthodox operations may be required to swear further oaths of confidentiality than normal.


    Pirate commerce raiders seem to be using an increasingly larger number of the new-model hulls available to them. While these vessels are not particularly extraordinary against our forces in their own right, they are quite flexible and maneuverable platforms capable of fitting the usual array of special tricks and gadgets against us. The Brigantine hull in particular should be treated with caution when approached as it carries a complement of long-range, nimble strike fighters which can prove to be just as effective as Arvonian ones.

    Pirate forces are also engaging more often in direct boarding tactics against naval vessels. Should the need arise to close with boarding craft, care should be taken to avoid losing shields, lest the craft be able to successfully provide a breach for raiders to board.

    The latest firmware for marine detachment control is routed through communications consoles. Comms Officers are advised that their duties can and will encompass monitoring boarding actions, defensive or offensive.

    The increasing number of Caltron incursions which seem to be occurring within our vicinity is a cause for alarm. Commanding Officers are advised to remain vigilant at all times and report these sightings immediately to the active CIC officer for logging.


    Adele Mundy

    //Another exccellent report. You have the official tone just right!

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