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    Leonard Hall

    ============INTELLIGENCE REPORT — NEW YEAR SITREP =============
    Security Level 3, Bridge Personnel ONLY, 2nd Fleet 4th Light Division
    X: LT Hall, Office of Naval Intelligence
    R: 4th Light Division HQ
    As is customary with the coming of the New Year, it is the Office of Naval Intelligence’s duty to provide divisional command with a situation report of the frontier and insights into potential threats looming. On a personal note, I hope everyone has gotten that holiday spirit out of them because, as the details of this report will entail, it’s back to work with us all.

    Further report on the communications issues…
    I have been monitoring the ongoing communications issue near-constantly during my off time and have been able to discern some disturbing possibilities. The good news, to start with, is that the Techs have applied a large systems patch to the network, if you haven’t been made aware yet, so the problems will not likely be an issue for us for quite some time, hopefully. The bad news, though, is that by cross-referencing potential sources, we have been able to come to these conclusions:
    – I am all but certain that the Unukalhai faction, in some way, shape, or form have perpetrated the attack on our networks.
    – The Caltrons have not performed much in the way of EWAR attacks against us, so I am reasonably confident the compromise of safety protocols on Eve Station were the result of a Unukalhai virus, given they had scoutships in the system around the time of compromise.
    – The forms of malware used within the attack show strong resemblances in syntax and code structure to IFF crippler malware used some time ago against our stations in the Titan system.
    – The fact that the USF have been able to keep up with our tech patches suggests a very dark possibility…
    Possible Compromise of Division Integrity
    The Unukalhai Space Forces are known to attempt to recruit those who feel strongly against the principles of the United Space Faring Planets to their cause and given the recent tensions and conflict in the border region, now more than ever would be an excellent time for them to pounce. Paranoia is a bad thing to drum up, so I will be blunt with this. It is a distinct possibility now that we may have USF elements stirring up trouble within the Fourth Light. With all the transfers and business going on pinning down any potential suspects will have to be done with the utmost care.
    Status Report on the Frontlines…

    With the recent defeat of the Grand Alliance and the return of relative peace to the region things have been cooling down in some places. Other elements remain hot and must be kept in check.
    – Hegemony Forces ( Torgoth, Arvonians, Kraliens)
    o Hegemony forces affiliated with the Grand Alliance and otherwise have largely kept clear of USFP space since General Montaurg’s defeat in Cerberus. There may be hostile forces poking around the extreme borders but any further invasion from them is unlikely for quite some time.
    o Pirate forces from their various corporations, primarily Penwrath, seem to be quite adamant about maintaining their usual guerilla style of warfare. Large Pirate offensives have been seen in areas where our new-found N’tani allies are operating, likely a retaliatory measure for the N’tani’s apparent betrayal of their former pirate colleagues.
    o Caltron forces remain an ever-present and looming threat capable of inflicting serious damage to our assets. Keep those scanners on the lookout for any anomalous jump events, gentlemen.
    o And lastly in this report, the Unukalhai Space Forces. So far we’ve only seen scoutships and a single sighting of a rogue dreadnought within the Border Region. I doubt we have seen the last, though, as with the recent tensions I would bet the door is wide open for them.

    On that note, gentlemen, remember: loose lips sink ships. Keep your eyes out and about, and should you see any suspicious activity, report it to a security official immediately. That ends this report.

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