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    Leonard Hall

    Security Level 3, Bridge Personnel ONLY, 2nd Fleet 4th Light Division

    X: LT Hall, Office of Naval Intelligence
    R: 4th Light Division Bridge Personnel, Priority Report to CPT Evans,FLTCPT Xavier

    As of a few minutes ago, as you are no doubt aware, following our evacuation of Eve Station’s personnel a massive EWAR attack has been commenced against networked systems within the 4th Light. I am personally keeping in touch with the techs at this time with less sophisticated, nonintegrated methods of communication and are attempting to plumb the system for issues. Expect primary comms net and SYSOP mission systems to suffer outages as a result of this EWAR attack. Bulletin board and secondary systems seem unaffected at this time but keep an eye out for outages there. As for potential culprits, either USF agitators or Caltron artifical intelligences are to blame at this time, based on known contacts inside Promethan system at the time of the EWAR attack.

    Captain Evans, Fleet Captain Xavier, a full report with analysis of the incident will be on your desk by the new year. Everyone else, try not to freeze while on shore leave this holiday season.

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