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    MISSION REPORT- Stage one biomech encounter
    2 stage 1 biomechs entered our system from sub-sector alpha one, and headed almost directly for a friendly starbase. Phoenix (us) and Hawk moved to provide escort to currently neutral fleet. Biomechs made a few changes to course, but kept current bearing. Then, Acting captain Dante Zelreich stepped away for a moment, having a problem with his console. Lt. Jr Assassino (XO) stepped in and took command. Almost straight after, both biomechs turned directly at the Phoenix, and started firing beams at us. Assassino ordered return fire, and engaged. He send a comms message to hawk notifying them of the situation, saying they are hostile. Hawked acknowledged and moved in to attack from the rear arc. Both biomechs were destroyed and both TSN Vessels took no damage to report.
    Immediately after, Dante rejoined us on the bridge, and Ft. Captain Xavier Requested a full report.
    Here it is.

    Adele Mundy

    Addendum to Lt.Jr. Assassino’s report, by Lt.Jr. Mundy, TSN Hawk:
    The two stage 1 Biomechs did not respond to hails, and appeared at first to maintain their original course. TSN Hawk followed without engaging.
    Upon receiving a transmission from TSN Phoenix that the Biomechs were attacking her, Hawk moved in to assist. The Biomechs were dispatched.

    Shortly thereafter, a Biomech Stage 4 came into sensor range, on course for the location where the two Stage 1 Biomechs were last tracked. It was broadcasting a transmission that was interpreted by Hawk’s comms systems as: “Question: why children. Curious Freedom Tolerate”

    Fish Evans

    Adele Mundy

    //Thanks for the screen capture, I didn’t manage it and was relying on memory. Would it be possible to edit the report to put in the transmission verbatim?

    Adele Mundy

    //Or I could do this instead: //

    Addendum to Lt.Jr. Mundy’s report:
    From TSN Hawk comms systems records, the Stage 4 Biomech transmission was as follows:

    Que*stion C
    areful HrehviGH
    Freedom% Curious #Tolerate*

    *further garbled transmission, stand by*

    w–h–y 43543253 frewwvhfje chldrn – r34123112 hrmd ******

    *end of transmission*

    John van Leigh

    //Out of character, as I’m a dead traitor who shouldn’t even be here.

    The “Freedom, curious, tolerate” is pretty standard when it comes to biomechs, as a response to the “we’re not your enemy” message. Interestingly enough, those messages are on the same file as taunts, although at least I have no idea how they work with them.

    I believe the second message, transmited by an adult one, translates more closely to “why were my children harmed?”, as a reference to the couple of stage-one killed a while before.

    Adele Mundy

    //Yes, I had noticed the Freedom Curious Tolerate response before. And I agree with you about the meaning of the second part of the message. But it would be inappropriate for Mundy to speculate about the meaning in a formal report, so she’s sticking to the objective facts. The speculation will turn up in her personal log.

    Now back to the cold blackness of space with you, you dead traitor! 🙂

    John van Leigh

    //You’re absolutely correct. I should have realized that much.

    The afterlife’s great, though.

    Adele Mundy

    // Not so much an afterlife, more a sort of après-vie… as Douglas Adams said.

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