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    Matthew Vaj

    From: Leutenant Junior Matthew Vaj
    To: Second Fleet, Fourth Light Division Command Officers
    CC: 2nd Flt, 4th Lt Div Officers
    Subject: Software Upgrade Report and Biomech Intel


    The new software upgrades are almost ready for distribution. There were few noticeable differences; the UIs are identical as far as I could determine, and simulations indicated that the software is working smoothly. The biggest difference, to my knowledge, is a new simulation built into the system based on updated intel on Biomechs.

    Stage 4 Biomechs have recently been observed reproducing. Two Stage 4 Biomechs can come together and one of them splits into an unknown number of Stage 1 Biomechs. To grown into the next stage, Stage 1 and 2 Biomechs consume asteroids and are fairly benign, while Stage 3 Biomechs consume anomalies, which gives them an incentive to attack ships. Also, the Anti-Proton levels observed by sensors are related to when a Biomech is about to reach the next stage, allowing for a strategic plan to eliminate a group of Biomechs.

    With this in mind, a simulation called ‘The Biomech Infestation’ has been developed to prepare the Navy for any situation in which Biomechs may be a threat. It consists of a sector full of luxury cruise ships and other easy targets when a group of Biomechs moves in. Any available ships are ordered to eliminate the Biomechs before the sector is destroyed.


    //Thanks for the report, Vaj, hope you had a good time! Perhaps the GMs can use this biomech update as a reason to revisit the attempts at communication that were made with them a while back (for those who don’t recall, Mundy had a great log about it).

    //Also, we’ll have to get a thread together soon for those who are intending to go to Armada 3 in April, I’m guessing you’re among them?

    Matthew Vaj

    // I hope to, but we’ll see how real life pans out. It would be great to get a crew together if can, though.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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