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    John van Leigh

    From: Commander John van Leigh – CO TSN Phoenix
    To: Fleet Captain Xavier Wise – CO 2FLT4LD
    Subject: Systems malfunction


    I am still reviewing the reports from my engineers, but it seems that we can confirm that the malfunction that Phoenix experienced yesterday was indeed caused by enemy actions. For the record, the incident is described as follows:

    During our deployment on stardate 7117.2237 the TSN Phoenix was recharging energy via FCS, with the closest friendly ship being at lest 50k off. The ship had very little energy left, our shields were still low after combat, and the ship was devoid of heavy ordnance.

    Suddenly, the main computer emmited a primary data malfunction alert, which seemed to be caused by an enemy incursion. Inmediately after the ship came under attack by an unknown enemy. After sending a distress signal Phoenix remained under enemy fire, unable to move either to engage or to retreat. Once the division arrived to assist the enemy decloaked, revealing themselves to be two pirate Axe-class vessels. Shortly after, we experienced a total systems blackout that included our transponder and became blind to the situation. Our chief engineer managed to restore full power almost inmediately and Phoenix continued operations as usual with no other incidents.

    As of my writing this, we still do not find any signs whatsoever that could explain this. I suspect this will not be the only time the Fourth Light encounters this weapon, and so I am reporting it to you.

    Commander of the Blue John van Leigh
    Commanding Officer, TSN Phoenix

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