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    D E V O T I O N T O T R U T H
    STARDATE 20118-2237

    Whale-hunting Torgoths posing a security threat were eliminated from the Stormhold sector. Probing to Rimward in the wake of the N’tani convoy revealed a sector with two major human habitat and mining/manufacturing facilities and a N’tani way station. All traffic in the system initially gave non-hostile IFF responses but were extremely wary of contact and warned us away from their stations. They asserted independence of Imperial sovereignty and offered to parlay to establish intentions. As the meeting of envoys was being arranged a strong battlegroup of Kraliens with minor Skaraan and Torgoth support entered the system and initiated hotilities against Humanity citing confused messages about avenging the desecration of Zolmar’s memory. The local human forces and some N’tani warships joined the group in repelling the Kralien assault groups from the sector, and a further session of discourse was conducted in the downtime between OPs.

    The Group was soon contacted by the local forces once more. The Kraliens had regrouped forces and were making plans to lay siege to the human-controlled installations within an adjoining sector anti-spinward. Transports were dispatched to evacuate some of the bases, but those in closer proximity to the Kraliens’ own positions required a shuttle-rally evacuation on the part of the Hunter Group. Kralien numbers were perceived as far more overwhelming than expected, and it was deduced by CIC that the weapons platform guarding the Kralien starbase in the sector was the source, creating false signal jamming messages to increase the apparent size of their force. Despite this, and the presence of Skaraan mercs on the Kralien payroll, the lower stations were evacuated, as were the upper stations, and their ordnance/energy stockpiles appropriated to fuel the Hunter Group’s engagement efforts. A resourcing SNAFU led to the crippling of the Invictus, but resourceful DAMCONs were able to successfully crash-start the ship’s battered systems without compromising her tattered hull and bring her back under low warp. Following this, the Division followed up a lead about the nature of Stormhold sector. It was discovered that within certain sets of asteroids, those who had fallen in the old battle that had led to the station’s abandonment were interred. Data beacons contained within these mausoleums identified the fallen. One set contained the remains of humans, another contained the remains of Kraliens, including a Commander Zolmar.



    Local contact indicates that we have encroached on some kind of Neutral Zone between the local Heptanite culture and the Kralien Order. The Kraliens seem to attach some significance to this zone as the resting place of a military hero known as Colonel Zolmar. This seems to relate to the casualties arising from the storming of Stormhold Station.

    Our exact location within spacetime is unknown. Stellar cartography has confirmed a fix to Spinward of the Poseidon Rift, somewhere between the Arrin system and Hegemony space. Without any definitive navigational references we must explore the space we can reach on conventional and warp engines. The system we are in appears to be stable, and likely contains one or more Jump Points. Given the variety of traffic we have encountered it is probable these points are gated. Finding these may go a long way towards determining where we truly are. Our sensor buoys will take time to gather telemetry and will likely need correlating data from the field in order to make further progress.

    As we have no contact with Command we must operate on what we can see and encounter in this unknown location. Our primary “mission” is to acquaint ourselves with local conditions and avoid losing our heads in the process. The chain of command will no doubt have orders for us when we get back to them. Hopefully that includes beds and rations, as even the Grant’s supply is going to be limited out here in space.

    We have successfully established a refueling point at Stormhold. Imminent priorities besides our defense include securing a stable supply of resources to replenish our heavy and exotic ordnance stockpiles as well as ensuring a stable supply of equipment for personnel.

    Our access to material resources has been secured at least for the time being. Due to limited throughput, deployment of heavy ordnance and PShocks should be regulated. While we have an effective exotic ordnance production system now to supply PShock reloads,our stockpile of heavy warheads is limited and vessels should not expect resupply of heavy torpedoes once they have deployed them. It is advised that ships primarily deploy homing torpedoes due to their ease of manufacture. Protection of INA Grant and Stormhold Station remain a priority.
    Officers should continue to prioritize forcing the retreat of hostile contacts encountered. However it has been determined that many of the locals seem unwilling to surrender. Our defense takes priority in such cases.
    Officers are advised to continue training with the various quirks of their ships and develop an effective battle plan for all forms of hostiles.

    S U P E R I O R I T Y

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